Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Here are this weeks set of Hotbuys - not gonna lie, this must be the earliest I've written about them, I mean it's only lunchtime! (Achievement! Haha)
I do actually like these Hotbuys quite a bit, well 4 of the 5 items, the swimsuit/dress piece is just a bit odd for me, I can't see when I'd ever wear it or when it would be appropriate to wear =/
So I happily bought the bags, boots and hat for my doll. I was lucky enough to get one of the bags when the little glitch was on, so got it for coins rather than dollars, but I still would have paid the dollars for it. Both bags are inspired by the fabulous Chanel lego styled bags, which I'm excited to have on Stardoll and looking forward to styling. I also am looking forward to styling the boots, I don't have many shoes in this sort of style, so I'm hoping to make them look great, right now I'm feeling a masculine style might suit them best, but I'll wait and see =) I guess the hat was my rush buy, I'm not sure how I'll style it yet, but I think it could work out nicely - I just have to find the right hairstyle for it!

What are you guys' thoughts and opinions? =)
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  1. Actually all of the clothes were inspired by Chanel Spring/Summer 2013! That dress was even in the ad campaign. http://www.designscene.net/wp-content/gallery/012013/chanel-spring-summer-2013-karl-lagerfeld-01.jpg

  2. As usual, I'm no fan of the hotbuys. Possibly the only thing I liked about these ones were the bags. Other than that, nada.

  3. The dress looks like a freebie that you would get out of a comp