Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Navy tartan

As a Scot I do have a soft spot for tartan, I loved wearing a tartan kilt as part of my school uniform, and now that I'm out of school I still enjoy the different tartans which are on offer. So my face lit up when I came across this amazing look on moonika12, it's like the perfect navy tartan! I love the styling of the suit with the black top and hat with blue shoes and sunnies, the colours just work well together =)
I am also dying for this print, like I need it now, however although on the tag it says designed by funtomek12, that user has only been a member 2 days and I'm the only person to have visited, so I doubt that's right - but that leaves me in the dilema of who designed it? If anyone knows, please please please tell me so I can get my hands on this tartan!

Love xxx

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  1. 2 days old and ever been visited? there's this trick that many non-ss use. they make fake accounts and collect the stardollars until they're enough to buy something from stardesign interior or fashion, which they gift to their main (original) accounts.

    1. I'm guilty of this, but it's not as if anything is wrong with that. I love these patterned jacket and pantsuits. It's a big trend!