Saturday, 18 May 2013

Dark Skies Upon Us...

Hello everyone today I just felt like wearing some dark outfit and I wore this outfit because I had a really dark song in my head so I just thought I should do an outfit like this so enjoy my outfit for (18/05/2013)
Black Show Piece Beret - Voile Holiday Boutique 
Fourties Shades - Decades 
Cut Out Sleeve Dress -  Fallen Angle 
Hotbuys Jacket - Rio
Bracelet Clutch - Archive
Punk Me HighKnee Socks - Young Hollywood 
Lace Up Tall Boots Red - LE

I hope you liked today's outfit and thank you for all the nice comments I read all of them and I really Appreciate it :) so don't forget to Rate, Comment and Follow :)
Hilmy | emmahunt4

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