Monday, 27 May 2013

Raffle - Win

Remember I had little raffles at the end of each of my exams? Well one individual keeps ignoring me to receive the prize - it's been so long now, that I've decided the prize has been forfeited and I'll be offering you guys something else instead! This time clothing =D
Basically, for every 25 people that sign up, an item will be available to win - 4 items in total means that if 100 people sign up, they can all be won! There are over 250 of you followers, so 100 should be easy!

Requirements? You MUST be a follower - I will be checking up on this, if you're not, then I'm afraid you can't win =/

Ends May 27th 9PM (UK time) - you'll need to buy soon after, my SS ends on the 28th!

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