Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fashion Icon Week #3

Who? Coco Rocha
Known for? Canadian Model
{Photo: decodedfashion.com}
Coco is incredibly popular for her trademark facial expressions and her creative use of her body in her modelling(She does Irish dancing, definitely gives a helping hand for this!)
I love her street style most, so that's what I'll mainly be sharing with you today =)
{Photos: pinterest.com}
 Her style is very minimalistic, she chooses simple pieces and really doesn't go overboard trying too hard, I like this aspect to her as it shows that models don't wear an abundance of designer or fancy clothes off the runway, and I think it makes her more relatable to =)

More tomorrow!
Love K xxx

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  1. I love these posts but why do you title them as Week #... but post them everyday???

    1. Because there's only going to be seven and the number indicates the day of the week. For me it works in several ways that I don't feel I need to explain. :)