Friday, 24 May 2013

New Antidote

Yesterday brand new Antidote came to the plaza quite unexpectedly, and this is how it's looking:
{Click to enlarge}
 Quite a few pieces are now sold out, I think this is due to the fairly reasonable prices and the low availability of some piece - for example an item I bought only had 250 pieces in total, this is pretty low for an Antidote item I think.
I feel the 4th floor is a bit of a random addition as it doesn't really fit with the same theme as the other 3 floors.
I have managed to find some items I like and bought a small handful of 5 items, including 1 interior piece (the frame with purple based spikes):
I really love the trousers(of which there were only 250 pieces), out of all the items in this collection I feel they are the most versatile and everyday-wearable, they have a nice fit on my doll and the pattern is cute yet simple and will easily style with other items.
The perspex bag, for me, was a no-brainer to buy, it's spot on trend and is a bit of a modern classic, at 40SD's it was practically a steal! 
The dress and top were the more risky pieces I bought, I was a little on the fence with them, but decided to give them a chance as they are pretty nice =) The dress has a beautiful pink colour and I do have a few looks in mind with it, and I can see it being worn in RL. I love the chain collar on the shirt and also it's shift-style shape, not so much a fan of the large Antidote logo, but I think I can get over that! It doesn't look too bad on my doll, so I do quite look forward to styling it!

Over the weekend I'll post some Antidote styled outfits of both my own and those I've seen on other users =)

Love K xx

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised with the low quantities of some items and I love them trousers you got, which I also purchased. =)

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  3. I was putting my favourites in my 'fitting room' until I realised I'm non-ss :(