Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fashion Icon Week #2

Who? Miroslava (Mira) Duma
Known for? Was previously editor for Harpers Bazaar Russia, now works for several Russian magazines, including Tatler.
{Photo: stylebydeni.com}
To be honest I think she's fairly unknown on the British fashion scene, but she jumped onto my radar maybe like a year ago and I've enjoyed looking at her style ever since. I may not know much about her or her background, but I know she has one top class style, so I really wont talk much, and will get on with showing you many pictures!!!
Print shirt, denim jeans and an oversized coat - so many trends packed into one look, typically shouldn't work, but it does - great mind behind the look!
Double colour feature, I'm in love, kinda related to my TREND work that I've been doing so far, and I hadn't actually seen this when I started work, might have to include it somehow!
Adore the emerald feature so much, the heels and skirt work fabulously together, also adore that jewelled necklace, the whole composition looks great =)
Geometric style pattern on shirt and skirt, a brave choice, especially with the more muted colours, but it suits her complexon very well
A great mauve colour - it's hard to pull off as it can look a little dull, but it certainly doesn't here! Mira has paired it with simple yet stylish accessories and has chosen basic but on trend shapes.
I love the neon green rather a lot - there is simply nothing else to say other than fabulous =)
Again with double blue, I love this sky-blue colour, I prefer it to baby blue and it looks good on her, she accessorises with teal in the bag and necklace
Looking ah-mazing in bright pink, this coat is beyond beautiful and has been styled nipped in at the waist and with a fab statement necklace, plus mini-Dior? Adorable!
 Do you guys like Mira too? Give me your comments below!

Icon #3 tomorrow!
Love K xxx

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