Thursday, 16 May 2013

The 3 P's of Couture....

Hello everyone today I just felt like doing an over the top Couture outfit and I thought it would be great idea to share with you my outfit for today (16/05/2013) so here it is
Feathered Collar - Museum Mile
Barbie Black and Pink Shoulder Fur - Barbie
Barbie Fashionista Pink Shoulder Fur 
Strapless Pink Party Dress - Antidote
Velvet Valentines Top - Velvet Orchid
Studded Hem Skirt - Velvet Orchid 
Plum Polka Dot Tutu Skirt - Jean Paul Gaultier (Harrods)
Heart Coral Weave Wedges - LE
Heart Pink Weave Wedges 
Bouquet Applique Wedges - LE
Hot Pink Satin Clutch - Pretty N Love 

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Hilmy | emmahunt4
p.s by the way the 3 P's were suppose to Pink,Purple and Pretty :)
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