Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cannes in Hotbuys

I'm back from my holiday now, it was very good and I bought quite a few nice things, from fashion magazines that Scotland doesn't stock, to uber-cute stationery and some clothing items =) Along with a giant microbe - but that's definitely another story!

Anyway, Hotbuys were released yesterday, based on Cannes 2013:
  I'm glad they chose a recent event to feature with the main skirt at top in the middle being inspired by the event. I haven't really looked through the looks and dresses worn at Cannes yet, but I have a feeling I would choose something different, so I haven't bought either of these pieces. I have however bought the minidress and jewel collared top - I love both of these items, they remind me of heading towards the older monthly Hotbuys.
I love the style and shape of the minidress, it's very evening wear, I kinda just really like it! I feel like it suits my doll nicely =)
I am also very fond of the jewel collar blouse, it seems versatile and could easily be styled, which I am looking forward to doing.
I don't particularly like the blue fringed skirt, I think the idea of it is nice, but I feel it's a wee bit shapeless on my doll and doesn't quite sit nicely =/

I'll probably do a styled outfit post on the shirt over the weekend or the start of next week =)

Love xxx

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