Monday, 27 May 2013

Fashion Icon Week - Round Up

So yesterday was the end of the Fashion Icon Week - a first for The Stardoll Lookbook!
Please let me know what you guys think - any comments appreciated!

I have to say at the start I thought it would be easy, choosing 7 people whose style I admire, but as I got to number 5 and 6 I really struggled to choose from the many people I could think of! 
So for me, I think I will be doing this again in the future, probably before the end of summer as I have over a weeks worth of names I want to feature!

 Love K xxx

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  1. I actually liked it I found more people to follow with their styles so thank you xx

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  3. Loved The Olivia Palermo shes latina que guapa ella!! shes just simply fab! a modern Adurey H. Love It