Friday, 24 May 2013

Fashion Icon Week #5

Who? The Olsens
Known for? Child actors, now in the fashion world
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I knew them from television when I was growing up, I remember watching Two Of A Kind on Nickelodeon, and seeing the films like Passport To Paris and Winning London (I actually have the DVD of this! Haha!), then once they became older they moved away from the television/movie industry into fashion - on Stardoll we've even seen some of their works with Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye in the Plaza.
They have really made their mark in the style world also, I think they have a clearly decided style and they stick with it and work it well, I also think they are well known for their 'boho' style of looks - they also look good in what they wear, some trends and fashions don't suit everyone, but boho looks great on these two! So on with the styles =)

They seem to wear a lot of chunky knits and wear their hair tousled, it's like their "classic" - and I definitely think the saying "if it's not broken don't fix it" fits here, their style works, don't change it! I also love their hair all round, it's kinda like Kate Bosworths, looks great in any style and do =)
We also can't not mention the 3rd and in the past sometimes forgotten Olsen sister(before she broke into acting a lot more) - Elizabeth. She looks incredibly alike the twins but is a couple of years younger and really focusses on acting:

I really love her look and style also =)

#6 tomorrow! 

Love K xxx

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