Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hotbuys - beach themed

I think we're up to about the 17th week of Weekly Hotbuys, this week we have:
I don't really like this collection at all, it seems quite rushed to me, and I don't really see any current trends featured. 
The 4 items featured on the dolls at the front are very much beach themed, but I'm confused as to where the striped dress fits in, it looks much more wintery to me with its almost fair isle pattern.
I haven't bought anything so far, none of the items are very me, and even in the summer I might just wear a dress, the blue one isn't one that I'd wear.
The one item I'm considering is the leopard tank top, it's not bad in shape, and the blue and green colours are quite nice. 12SD's is a little steep for it, I think if it were 8 or 9 I'd definitely get it, but I think I'll mull it over for a while and then decide =)

What do you guys think of these Hotbuys?

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