Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hotbuys Weekly

Another set of Hotbuys were released today:
We're at the 11th (I think) week of Hotbuys now - I kinda feel like they should always have the wow factor, but these ones I feel are just Ok, they're better than the last few weeks ones, but they're not as good as some of the other collections.
Prices range from 7 - 14 SD's, which I think is pretty reasonable, with the shoes at the lower end and the clothes at the higher end.
The theme seems to be laser cut outs, a trend I haven't personally tried in RL, but would try things on in a store, so I let my doll do this too^
I haven't bought anything yet because I'm a bit undecided on the items.
The dress is ok, but I find the shape a little odd for me, I'm not sure why, but it doesn't suit my doll. The shorts are fairly similar - they don't really suit my doll, but they are quite nice, so I might get them at a later point. 
I do quite like the sweater but as it's cropped I'd need to wear a high-waisted skirt or trousers with it, and because of it's colour I can't immediately think of items I own that would work with it, if it were black or white I'd buy it immediately though.
The shoes are both on my maybe list too - I quite like both pairs, the intricacy on the black pair is cute, and I can see them looking nice in a styling, and the white ones are ... well .... white! You know me, can't say no to that! But they are also in a cute cowboy boot-esque style, I'm just not sure how good they would be in a styling.

These are the first Hotbuys in a few weeks now that I've been reasonable positive about, so that's good! Let me know what you guys think too in the comments! 

Love K xxx
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  1. I think the prices were a bit to high for some of the things like the shoes I dislike alot but I love the top :)

  2. Those Hotbuys are quite ugly tbh and I regret buying the top and heels. At least they're not as bad as the pre-last week ones ugh

    The add is rather charming though.

  3. I bought the "cowboy" shoes, but only because they are white *.* What about the shorts? Are they not worth to get mentioned? ;) Would have bought the top if it was white/black.

    1. You'll find I spoke about the shorts right after the dress =)