Thursday, 16 May 2013

Style Makeover: Jody_Cailin

 Finally getting around to the 5th style makeover (the last one was in March!), I do it in the order signed up for, ignoring people who have been deleted. In case you didn't read the post about it before/are new to the blog, basically this segment is where people who have signed up get an outfit styled by myself. I only use clothes they already own(so if you have few items it will be more difficult) so no purchase is necessary.

 {Left = Before, Right = After}
For this makeover I chose a more casual and light outfit from what she was wearing originally. In the 'before' look I felt there was a bit too much accessorising with the hat, earrings, bag and shoes all being reasonably different from one another and not tying the look together, so I really only accessorised with shoes in my 'after' look. I based the look on the blue of the boyfriend jeans, combining it with a blue floral leather jacket and chosing a light blouse and heels. By taking off the hat I feel it really opens up her face a lot more, which I like =)
Overall, I think that although the 'before' wasn't bad or unstylish, the 'after' look has a different air to it - in a good way! 

Love K xxx

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  1. You're right, the hat was totally unneeded but works. The second look is just as interesting as the first. It evokes some sort of Parisian style that Jak and Jil would have captured.

  2. :) you definitly managed to pick some of my favorites like the shoes ♥ and the jacket. I like it. Thank you!