Monday, 2 December 2019

What's In My Closet? | L E C L O T H I N G

Following up from the accessories post, now I'm looking to the clothing pieces! This took a little while, because I have waaaaaay more pieces than I thought I did - this is a perfect opportunity for a little clearout of my wardrobe, which the 'Save or Sell' posts helped with a little, but there is a whole lot more here to think about. So let's take a look at what I have amassed over the 41 LE collections that we've had!

As someone who doesn't wear dresses a lot, and writes that often about dresses in releases, I sure do own a lot of dresses ... oops! There are 14, mostly more recent pieces, so I think I've gotten a little more spontaneous with my purchases recently. There are a couple that I've really worn quite a few times so were very worth it, like the LE Chloe Inspired Cable Knit Dress (bottom left 'Long'; Nov. 2016, 30th LE Collection) which I think I love because of the gold and cream colour combination. But then there's pieces I adore the style of but simply haven't worn because they're not hugely versatile like the Rattan Ruffled Dress (first 'Short'; June 2017, 32nd LE Collection) and the Fringed Evening Dress (second 'Short'; May 2016, 28th LE Collection). Keep an eye on my bazaar because quite a few of these pieces will be looking for new homes^

I have to say, I don't think my top collection is too excessive, given that I wear a lot of trousers thus need tops to go with them^ I think there's a pretty good mix of pieces, colours and styles here, but also a fair mix of pieces I've worn a lot and that I haven't worn at all. I wear the very recent Pelle Shirt (first 'Button-up'; July 2019, 40th LE Collection) quite a lot considering I've only had it a handful of months. I'm still really rooting for the Cropped Silk Blouse (second row 'Blouses'; July 2019, 40th LE Collection) which is also quite recent, and I want it to work out so badly, but I'm just not sure if it's meant to be! It's hard to think about the more Summer pieces right now in the Winter, but I'm pretty happy with the pieces I have for that season, I wore the Woven Monochrome Tank  (first 'Short/Strapped'; Feb. 2016, 27th LE Collection) quite a lot a few years back and I really think I will wear it again this coming season, I'm really happy to have this piece as it's not one you see worn a lot.

Welcome to excess! And I mean that in no exaggeration, how many pairs of 'fancy LE' black trousers does one doll need?! It certainly can't be 8! Ok, so I know I'm a person who loves trousers, and that's very clear in this section, there is just about something in every colour and all the patterns you can think of. The skirts and shorts are minimal, which is about right, I wear these less, and actually I'm planning on cutting this section by a piece or two - one of the major skirt surprises has for sure been the Silver String Midi Skirt (third 'Skirt'; Oct. 2018, 37th LE Collection) which I think I bought on a whim, but actually I really like how I've worn it so far! Now back to the craze that is my trouser collection - there are a couple of my most worn items ever here, like the Satin Shimmer Trousers (second top row 'Trousers'; Oct. 2018, 37th LE Collection) and the Pleated Burgundy Pants (second row second on right 'Trousers'; Feb. 2016, 27th LE Collection). So something needs to be done about the crazy amount of black trousers obviously, because I'm not sure I could tell you when I last wore one of them - I styled up 3 of the pairs in a Save Or Sell, but ended up keeping them all XD I need to get the courage to be more ruthless with them - help me out in the comments with your opinions on this situation!

My outerwear collection is a quite a bit more restrained, which I'm surprised at, I thought I had a few more pieces than this - but it's a good thing I don't! There's one piece I've worn to death over the years, the Orange Maxi Vest (third 'Long'; Nov. 2015, 26th LE Collection) which I've really gotten the value from. The rest of the pieces are a little more recent so haven't had much time, but I think a few pieces like the Chanel Inspired Jacket (first 'Short'; Oct. 2018, 37th LE Collection) and the Pink Blazer (second 'Short'; July 2019, 40th LE Collection) will make some really fun Spring styles in the upcoming season!

What do you guys think of my LE clothing collection? Any favourite pieces or collection in particular yourself? Let me know in comments!

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