Wednesday, 11 December 2019

I T G I R L S | Release Review

It Girls is definitely one of my favourite stores in the Plaza, so I'm super excited to have new pieces to try out. The advertising is looking super Autumnal in colours and I love the styles and vibes shown, I have high hopes this time =D
Highlights The store is the usual size of release with one floor, and I love the style vibe of this one! The pieces fit together really nicely and the colours are great for the current season, I'm definitely happy with this release^
Accessories There is a small range of accessories, and they're pretty neutral and versatile pieces, particularly the boots. The Trendy Leather Boots are very much what they say on the tin, they're a total trend piece, but one I think a lot of people will really love for this Winter season. And then there's also the Thigh High Leather Boots, which are more my thing, also in black but with a chunky heel and an almost pointed toe. Sadly no bags in this release though.
Clothing The clothing is where the release really shines, it covers so many aspects of current popular styles, which is great! There's patterns, colours and neutrals, which covers a lot of peoples preferences. The winner of the printed pieces is for sure the Stylish It Girls Straight Jacket which is a boxy oversized piece with a nude and black checked print, perfect colours for Autumn and Winter and the fit makes it a good layering piece - this will also work well for both smart and casual stylings. There are four neutral light coloured pieces to pick from, and I think they're all pretty good ones. The It Girls LBD 2 is a cute smart dress, love the long sleeves and the high neckline along with the short hem length, this one will be cool to dress up with lots of accessory choice. I also really like the It Girls Off White Sweat, it has a cute tucked waistline and nice loose sleeves, however I already have a very similar piece from Nelly that came out earlier this year. Now the pieces I did pick up were the High Collar Ruffled Shirt, which is such a pretty piece and the ruffle detail really is stunning, and also the Cozy Trendy Ribbed Sweater which is the epitome of Winter comfort as a chunky knit with big sleeves, plus it has great button details at the shoulders which gives it a little something different. As for the darker pieces, there's a good mix of styles and textures there, but two pieces really caught my eye. First the Papercut Trendy Pants which have a super smart fit on the leg, but then have a paper bag style waist cinched with a matching belt - just a really versatile pair of trousers! And then also the Chocolatey Pleated Skirt, I know there's a lot of these, and in similar colours, around, but this one is great too^ Love the midi length, it has a good fit and look on the doll, plus the colour is beautiful, this is gonna look fab with so many pairs of boots =D
Prices This release ranges from 6 to 18SD's which is great, nothing is too pricey. There are no SC pieces this time, and there are also no SS or Royalty-only limited items.
Styled Outfits I had a lot of fun with these pieces, and the looks came together so quickly, so I think I will have no trouble with the items in the future. First the Papercut Trendy Pants which I made work with some of my favourite brown pieces, I'm loving this colour pairing at the moment, and I think the darker buttons on the shirt, despite being small, really help tie the pieces together. I think this is such a wearable look^ Next up the Cozy Trendy Ribbed Sweater which just looked good with everything I paired it with, so that's great for future stylings - I went for something fun with this leopard print skirt as I've not worn it in a while, I think it looks really nice balancing out the chunky knit against the slim fitting silk skirt. And of course boots to complete the look for the season! And finally styling the Chocolatey Pleated Skirt which I really just love despite having similar pieces - it just looks great on the doll, I have no regrets buying it =D Paired up with more brown tones and I love the final outcome of the outfit, this oversized chunky sweater is great and the half tuck detail is very flattering with the skirt.
Features And for the features next, firewalkwithliz styles the Stylish It Girls Straight Jacket in this neutrals focused styling. The long socks and little bit of leg showing looks super cute with the piece, I really like the style here. The bow shoes are a great touch to add to that vibe and I love the shine of the classic Chanel bag =)
Secondly Tara_1994 wears the Velvet Onesdie Bow Top which looks super cool paired with this velvet skirt^ I really like all of the layering and additions here, like the double bag use and the texture of the socks and the floraled neck scarf. The red lip gives a perfect balance for the look, it's attractive for sure!
And lastly dm2udm2u wears the Oversized Bow Jacket in a classy styling where all the focus is on that huge neck bow! The white tights and shoes are perfect with this piece, absolutely great against the white bow, it makes such a smart style. Love the accessories too, the hat, glasses, earrings and large Gucci bag are really excellent finishing touches, I particularly love the bag in the look =D

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