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L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

It feels like it's been a while since our last Limited Edition release, but here is one right in time for Christmas! The advertising is pretty eye catching with the space theme, however with no models on show there's a mysterious vibe over what the collection will be like - let's get right on into it!
Highlights Ok, so overall the release isn't one of my top LE releases, it's not entirely my style, but there's a couple of things that catch my eye for sure! It's a two floor release with 11 looks for girls and 1 for the guys, so it's pretty much fitting with past releases.
Accessories From first glances, the accessories are pretty strong in this release - plenty of options and styles to choose from. There are an amazing 7 pairs of shoes in this release - with 5 being boots, perfect for the season, and 2 being heels. It was the Orange Toe High Heels which caught my eye first, we all know I love orange, and this little detail of the tip of the pointed toe being orange just looks super cool! I like the colour combination of these overall, the tan base of the shoes looks great and the style of the shoe is super sleek. Most of the boots are very edgy with a bit of a punk twist, not so much my style, but I do really love the Black Loosefit LE Boots a lot, and as soon as I started styling them I knew they were a perfect new boot for this season for my doll^ There's a lot of this pair left in stock too if you want to give them a chance!
There are 5 bags in the collection, and all of them are pretty good and offer something completely different in terms of style and colour. I really fell for the Croc Inspired Handbag, for both the colour and design, it's very much a perfect Spring piece, I love the fresh colour and the style is one that's kinda everywhere in RL, so I'm happy to have one for my doll. And then my biggest regret - not buying the LE Spiked Army Cross Body, I decided too late that I liked it XD Oh well, never mind =( It's a really nice piece in navy with a dark gold hardware detail - it was the spikes that put me off initially, but I quite like them now. I also liked the length of the crossbody strap, it's very nice and easy for styling. In terms of other pieces there are some jewellery items, with an emphasis on chunky gold with the Mega Chunky Chains BP and the LE Golden Chunky Chains BP. What puts me off with these is they are BP only, so are pieces I'd likely forget about styling!
Clothing The clothing is quite a mixed bag, there's a lot of pieces that really aren't my style, so it may be a little brief here. There's quite a bit of neon and bold colours and leather, which aren't always my first choice, so the first floor of pieces doesn't appeal to me much - apart from the LE Oversized Shirt Jacket and paired Pleated Suit Pants (which I literally thought was another midi skirt until right now!), which are in a soft grey fabric. I love the oversizing and longer lengths of both pieces, and they both seem like they work well together and separately. For my style, the second floor is where it's at, there's such a great mix of fabrics and fun styles. Another grey/silver co-ord stands out, the Ruffled Pleated LE Lame Blouse and Pants - the Blouse is such a cool piece, love the very regal-esque design to the collar and the blouson sleeves, it's pretty fantastic^ While on the topic of tops, I also very much love the Tucked In Feather Top, isn't it so fun?! I love the pink base to it along with the whole host of details it has, from the feathers and dots to the amazing orange and pink trim around the edges, I'm super excited to style it!
The floral look very much draws in attention on the second floor, the Oh My Flowers Coat, Tights and Facemask, it's certainly a daring style, and not many will go for the complete look I'm sure - I like the print itself, but would rather it on some more wearable pieces. Another piece I like the idea of is the Oversized LE Belt Sweater, I really like the muted green tone to the print and the retro design to the pattern. It just seems like an easy to wear item. Also like the Super High Satin Pants, with their own belt on the piece, they have a great fit and a nice overall style, but I passed on them as I have a lot of similar pairs that already fulfil my black trouser needs^ The final piece to mention is the LE Wool Coat, definitely a big name piece of the release, it's not cheap, but it sure is very fitting for the trends and the season, and looks pretty great. A winter staple for sure, I like the large square shoulders and the hands tucked in design - plus it's definitely looking very versatile, so hopefully very much worth the cost!
Prices This release ranges from 18 to 160SD's with really only a couple of pieces near the upper end of the range. All of the pieces are SS limited as is the norm with LE releases, and the pieces are of course also limited in number - however there are still many items left in store!
Styled Outfits I think I did pretty good with my purchases, I didn't go too overboard on this one. I'm saving the LE Wool Coat for a styling post on it's own, so focusing on some of the other pieces for this post. First up the Tucked In Feather Top which I styled very simply and quite similarly to the store display, choosing black trousers which allow a tuck of the blouse very nicely. I love this shoe choice, the sheeny pale pink looks great against the blouse^ I couldn't find the perfect bag for my styling, so that is my next mission! Secondly the Black Loosefit LE Boots which I've discovered have endless styling possibilities - I've gone with a paired skirt and top this time, with a basic colour palate. The lack of shine in the clothing works in the boots advantage and I think their sheen really pops out there =) And finally the Orange Toe High Heels - I knew immediately I wanted to wear them with these Gucci trousers, so I saved those especially for this look^ I've gone a little office-wear for this styling, but I don't mind so much because the shoe and trouser combination is everything. The rest of the look is minimal and I don't add any further colours to the look. Love this nude blouse and clutch against the orange, for sure one of my favourite outfits of the season =D
Features There are so many features to share today, firstly a couple with the LE Wool Coat, this look is from CoolRachael and also uses the Super High Satin Pants. I love the boho vibes to the outfit with the outline tee and the cool hat, yet it's still kept glamorous with the jewelled earrings and the LE Charm Belt. A great city styling for Winter =)
Also with the LE Wool Coat is Opioides who also includes the LE Extra Belt and the Two Striped LE Heels in the styling. I love the layering of the dress and trousers together with this coat, the colours look great together and the sheen on the dress definitely catches the eye^
The next look from Jacquemus also uses the LE Extra Belt and pairs it with the LE Oversized Shirt Jacket and Pleated Suit Pants, choosing to tuck the jacket into the bottoms, this is super cool^ I love the layering of the orange polo under the jacket, it adds a fun touch against the black used from the trainers and the bag. This is the epitome of sports luxe styling for sure =D
Next up is FunOpler wearing the Ruffled Pleated LE Lame Blouse, it looks just as cool as I'd imagine it to, and I think it looks amazing with this leopard-style printed skirt. I especially love the snake-print belt bag positioning, totally great with the prints and colours going on. And love the snazzy earrings, totally a perfect fit with the top!
And for the final styling, Monia96XD wearing the Oversized LE Belt Sweater. A buckled belt has been added, and I think the extra thickness of it works well, and the buckles make a perfect tie in for these boots. The piece looks great styled as a dress here, the tights look good with it. I love the rest of the accessories too, especially seeing this furry stole piece getting some use^

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