Sunday, 8 December 2019

V O I L E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's cool to start the Winter party season with some new Voile, there's always something special included which will be cool for all those fancy looks we love to share over this season^ This time there's some cool sparkly pieces and also some great pink and purple hues to pick from - I'm particularly loving the look of the Dramatic Purple Sheer Dress with it's voluminous sleeves and intricate sparkling pattern. First up a styling, anaritamiranda looks very cool in the Gold Detailed Top which really pops against the smart white trousers. I like the balance of the deep V of the top with the wide legs of the trousers. The belt is a great central point and the lace bra is a fitting touch. I like how trendy the look is made with the hat and the dinky Chanel bag with the detail on the top really being central to the overall styling =)
I also picked up the Gold Detailed Top because the pattern is just stunning! I like the navy of the trim, so I continued with that in these trousers, I like the slim fit of them against the loose sleeves of the top. The black in the print design is great for pairing accessories into the look, so I added black there all with gold details which I really like the look of, I'm totally gonna wear these boots and the trousers again together =D And then I couldn't resist the matching Gold Detailed Flare Pants too^ It was all about that gold belt detail! I think they look classy with the navy polo and that really makes the belt pop even more. I stuck with gold for the accessories and I love sparkly clutch with all the sparkle detail on the trousers. I think there are a lot of options for these trousers, they'll be super fun for looks over Christmas!

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