Sunday, 29 December 2019

2 0 1 9 S T Y L E R O U N D U P

Wow, another year has come to an end, where did all that time go?! Today I'm looking back at my favourite stylings of 2019 - what a year of styles! I tried out new things, found some new favourite pieces and styles, and made a few mistakes - but that's the fun of fashion!
I think this set of stylings confirms a few things to me - I'm a total repeater, once I love something specific I naturally gravitate towards it, whether it's a style, colour, or particular item. It also tells me I love a neutral tone and can make it work all year round. Plus where I once focussed my hair styling on blonde looks, I've been a brunette more this year! I'm thinking of going back to the blonde for January though^

Let me know your favourites of this year - whether it be one of my looks, your favourite trend or a piece to wear!

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