Friday, 13 December 2019

M U S E U M M I L E K A R L L A G E R F E L D T R I B U T E | Styled Outfits

Opening up the Tribute Season, alike last time, is a Museum Mile release, inspired by Karl Lagerfeld designs over the years, which I think is a very nice and fitting touch. Overall though, the styles aren't so much my thing. There is a pretty iconic piece included however, the Hulahoop Bag, which looks super fun, I can see some amazing looks with it coming out, particularly for the Spring and Summer. I just made one purchase from the store, the Ready To Wear Stripes 1981 pair of wide leg trousers in black and white stripes with almost a silvery touch to them - I thought they could make some cool holiday looks this season^
Black and white were the obvious choices for these trousers - I did try out some silver pieces, but nothing was quite perfect, so I'm on the hunt for more silver pieces to pair with these! Love this black blouse, the cool oversizing of the shoulders is a great detail to add. I kept simple with the rest of the black accessories, although added something super fun with this bag, it's got silver vibes to it, so I think it's a pretty great fit for these trousers! Then with my white look I've brought out this fabulous faux fur coat from last Winter that I wore literally all the time^ It's a great piece for these trousers too^ Again super simple with accessories in white and made good use of the Novemer HB's too with the bag, sunglasses and boots =D

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