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What's In My Closet? | L E A C C E S S O R I E S

I've been thinking about this mini LE series for quite some time, and I'm finally getting to it! 'What's In My Closet?' is possibly a new segment where I share more about what is actually sitting in my closet. Having it themed is a good focus, and there's no better place to start than LE^ It's a 3 part series, at least this time, sharing the accessories then clothing that I have, and then doing a post about the pieces I would like to change about my LE collection.
Starting of with the accessories - shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, if it's not clothing then it's in this category. I have to admit I was shocked to learn I had over 50 pieces classed as 'accessories', like seriously, where did they come from?!?! Obviously I knowingly purchased them all over the years. I have been around on Stardoll since before the first LE collection (2008), and now there have been a total of 41 collections! It's kinda crazy to think about, but I've had a long time to gather this collection.
My collection is mostly made up of shoes and bag, however I do have a small number of 'other' pieces, and actually the belts here are probably some of my most worn LE items ever, so they have been worth it on some occasions^ I've been getting a lot of wear out of the Modern Classic Shades (third pair down; Feb. 2016, 27th LE Collection) recently, I love the mix of the black solid frame and the blue tint to the lenses. There are a few pieces I haven't worn so much, like the Brown Croco Belt (second on the left; June 2018, 35th LE Collection) which is still fairly new, but I think hasn't lived up to my expectations.

Ok so I have a lot of shoes! But actually some of these really are in the category of my 'most worn shoes ever' so I think it's ok in that case^ I'd say shoes are more of a recent thing, I haven't kept around many, if any, pairs from the earliest of collections even though I've owned them over the years - I think shoe styles change so much with the trends and our preferences, and that's happened with me for sure. I'm big on heeled shoes, as evident from only one pair of flats, the Ultra Modern Flats (Feb. 2016, 27th LE Collection) which although I very rarely wear, I've been holding on to for that 'just in case' moment. The design is super cool, they look amazing, and they deserve more recognition than they get for sure! There's quite a few metallic/shiny pairs of shoes, I love bringing these out to style, for sure the Gold Lace Lattice Heels (second on top row of 'High Heels'; May 2016, 28th LE Collection) are one of my most worn in that category, I really think of them as an everyday gold shoe - which is totally not a thing, but I love it^ As it's Winter right now, my mind is very much on boots, so I see these as top choices of the season. I think we all know I wear the Alexandre Vauthier Inspired Metallic Boots (tall, green; Dec. 2017, 33rd LE Collection) a lot, these are one of my favourite ever pairs of shoes, let alone LE pairs =) There are also several pairs I've not worn particularly much but I think these are more trend-led pairs of shoes and the particular trend never stuck with me, like the Armani Inspired BW Heels (first, bottom row 'Low/Mid Heels'; Oct. 2018, 37th LE Collection) and the Fishnet Heels Boots (third, bottom row 'Boots'; Oct. 2018, 37th LE Collection) - both very nice pairs of shoes, but just ones that haven't worked for me.

And lastly in the accessories, the bags! Alike shoes I think I have a lot more recent pieces, and actually I think I've had quite a high turnover of bags - these tend to be fairly affordable in releases, so it's easy to buy a couple to try, and then they can be sold on in the Bazaar if I decide I don't want to keep them. I do think I wear the bags the least out of all of the accessories, but some have really become well-worn in my wardrobe this year, like the Snakeskin Jewelled Bag (first 'Crossbody'; June 2018, 35th LE Collection) which I've really worn quite a few times, love both the colour and the jewel design on the front, and then also the Fendi Inspired Wrap Bag (brown base with zebra handle 'Hand Held'; Dec. 2018, 38th LE Collection) which has super surprised me, which I really like^ Then there are a couple of pieces I'm really holding onto more for sentimental reasons which I haven't worn either at all, or very much - the Mega Sequin Purse which is a very old piece (fourth 'Crossbody'; Dec. 2009, 5th LE Collection) and I just love the idea of it, I think it has so much potential, but even 10 years later I'm not sure it's quite 'there' yet. And also the Padlock Purse which is just as old as the first (second 'Crossbody'; Dec. 2009, 5th LE Collection), again I love the idea of this piece, it's a great size, I like the details on it, it should be one that works out, but I think I've maybe only worn it once or twice since buying it [I got this in the Bazaar, sometime around 2015]. There are also a couple of pieces featured here that are new to my collection that I bought during this past year in the Bazaar which have been on my list for a while - the LE Loewe Inspired Bag (third from the top 'Hand Held'; Aug. 2016, 29th LE Collection) and also the LE Dionysus Black Leather Bag (right top 'Hand Held'; Aug. 2016, 29th LE Collection) which I missed out on first time around and I'm so happy to have them to style up^

What do you think about my accessories collection? Do you have some of your own favourite LE accessories? Let me know in comments!

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