Tuesday, 24 December 2019

L E W O O L C O A T | Styled Outfits

Our recent LE release brought us this brand new coat, the LE Wool Coat, and after styling it up I fully agree that it is fabulous! Right now, I have no buyers regrets about this one^ I held off styling it in my review post because I knew there would be plenty of options for it, and I'm glad I did, in fact I think I could have easily put together twice as many looks for this post!
First up some smart white trousers, I really love the loose fit style of this pair and I think they work well with the coat. I paired them up with some grey knitwear (I'm all about the monochrome style), and liked using the black lining of the coat for the accessories. I'm especially loving these Black Loosefit LE Boots in the styling too. Next up I tried a little more casual with jeans, this pair are an almost exact colour-match for the jeans, so I'm delighted to have kept them in my wardrobe. I also chose to add white in this look, this ruffled blouse really adds some more feminine detail to the masculine shape of the shoulders, and I adore the use of these cowboy boots, it's super fun! And finally pairing a skirt - I tried out a few dress options, nothing quite worked out better than this skirt though, and I love getting to use it again^ The light base of the skirt gives a brighter look, but the grey in the print ties it nicely to the coat. I kept the top and boots fitting in with the skirt base and then added more red with the sunglasses.
I really love this set of looks, and whilst it was expensive, I really am pleased with buying this coat =D

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