Saturday, 7 December 2019

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The spooky season brought us a brand new release of Tingeling Couture (and is halloween themed, but it isn't included in the store name this time) - generally not so much my thing but there were a couple of great pieces that caught my eye and I knew I had to have. I spotted on of them be worn by Elrry, and that is the High Waist Skirt - isn't this look fantastic?! I love the flowing blouse paired with the skirt, the colours are a perfect fit together and the styles blend well, particularly with the inclusion of the nude bustier, it's a super fun style addition. Love the vintage style shoes and bag, the colours stand out nicely against the skirt, and the beauty styling is super glamorous^
And then for my stylings, I actually found the High Waist Skirt a little tricky as I found a lot of pieces that looked good with the skirt, but just not all in one look - I think I'm happy with my styling here, but I think there's room for improvement! I love these sleeves with the skirt, they definitely add a nice amount of detail with the slit in the skirt. I don't normally like boots like these which don't cover the whole leg in the skirt split, but I kind of think this works out ok, I can see it working nicely in RL and I like the bold colour contrast a lot. This bag is my favourite part of the look, the colour is spot on with the skirt and I can't wait to pair it again! And then I also loved the Snake Bag with it's cool designer vibe to it - also those colours are beautiful, I think they're great for my style ideas these days. The colour scheme follows on nicely from the first look but features more dark tones - I liked this beige sweater with the bag colours and these green boots kind of got picked by default but actually I think they do work out ok in the styling! All the black makes it a winter-appropriate styling, and works well with the black base to the bag - I'm super pleased with this one =D

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