Wednesday, 4 December 2019

What Do I Want To Change In My Closet? | L E

It's time for part three of this little series - I've shown you what I have in terms of both accessories and clothing, and now I'm focusing on the change, covering the pieces I want to sell and then some of the pieces I'd quite like to add to my collection from over the 41 LE collections that we've had!

First up, what's heading to my bazaar? I actually found this quite an easy task, sure I worry that I might regret selling some pieces, but I think on the most part once they're gone I will forget about them and will move on to another piece. For accessories, I'm parting with quite a few different categories, and really these are more the 'trend' pieces rather than the classics. The one that I think is the hardest is the Piercing Handbag (second bag in 'Accessories'; Mar. 2017, 31st LE Collection) in the beautiful pale pink, I wanted this for a long time then was able to get it in the Bazaar, but I just have never been able to style it how I wanted, it's just never quite worked out, and I'm a little disappointed with that! I don't think there's as much clothing here as I thought there would be, maybe there will be a second step in the clearout! I'm selling quite a few dresses, which clears my collection of unworn pieces a lot, and I've also managed to pick out 2 pairs of trousers, so 1/4 of the black trouser collection is moving on, which is a good start, but I need to work on that some more! For me I don't think any of these pieces are really a 'surprise' that I want to part with - come and check out my bazaar if you want to pick up any of these pieces =D

And now what I think is the fun part, what are the pieces I'm hoping to pick up in the Bazaar myself. I'm doing it in collection order, and where I know the name, it will also be included. Here on The Stardoll Lookbook I have posted about most LE releases from the 14th collection onwards, you can check out the earlier releases *HERE* at Underneath Stardoll. I'm pleasantly surprised by the small number of pieces that are on my mental 'LE Wishlist', hopefully not to expensive to fulfil^

2nd LE Collection
I've had my eye on this bag for a little while this year, I like the tote style and the quilted design. Also love the knotted handles and the combination of the black and the dark denim. I think it could make some cool looks - it would be awesome if we could 'try before you buy', especially with this piece^ It's pretty old, so I'm guessing this will be a tricky one to find!

4th LE Collection
When I re-discovered these boots this year I was drooling, are they not so beautiful?! I love the slim fit they have, but there's a little looseness in the leg. And the toe shape is just stunning, the perfect style for me at the moment. Also loving the dotted metallic design, perfect for the Winter season I think! And this bag is super pretty - it also comes in a pink design, but I like the green as it's something I've not get anything else like. I also like the small size to it, and the looped handle, the length of the handle really sits very nicely - I've got my fingers crossed for this one!

Quilted Velvet Purse | Dolce Vida Woven Bag | Rich Burgundy Satin Heels
So despite buying a lot from this collection, there are still a few pieces I want to add to my collection from it. These bag pieces weren't so much my style at the time of release, but now I'm loving the vibes of both of them. I'm really lacking in velvet pieces, and this burgundy colour is beautiful, along with the intricate quilting design. And the second piece is just full of details, love all of the floral and lace style appliques and I really like the bucket style with the short handles. I just missed out on these burgundy heels when the store was released in the Plaza, I probably could have looked for them, but they've been a little more buried at the back of my mind - I think I'll focus on them for a little now that I've refreshed my wishlist as such!

LE Elegant Over The Shoulders Jacket
I think this jacket might be on everyone's wishlist! It's a great piece, and there's really nothing else quite like it. I love an over-shoulder piece, and I'm lacking one in black. This one is such a smart piece, I really think there will be no regrets with it and it will fulfil all of my black over-shoulder jacket wishes^

Armani Inspired Embroidered Jacket
And a jacket that's a little more fun! This piece has a classic fit, and it has a very nice overall shape to be flattering on the doll. I like the mid-fasten of the piece while having a deep V neckline and the bottom not joined. It's all about the cool print for sure though, I think it looks really great, and the black on the cream base looks very classy. I think it does manage to have some versatility to it and I'd really love to add this to my wardrobe to work with it.

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