Saturday, 14 December 2019

Hello Stranger

It's been a hot minute hasn't it? 

I suppose I should explain my unceremonious absence, but I'll keep it to a short sweet summary: severe burn-out, chronic illness and a general election that fell out of the sky (unfortunately, running elections is my job). I've been MIA in my real life let alone my virtual one!

Nonetheless, I am making a tentative return ahead of Christmas, and I must say I'm fairly impressed with all the seasonal releases that have dropped while I was lying face down in a dark cave.

I dropped in momentarily one weekend only to discover that Subcouture was happening - this yellow coat is my favourite piece from that whole collection. It's very me, right down to the dressing-gown vibes. 

It's not hugely versatile - the shade is very particular and skews a bit puke-yellow when paired with some other colours. The dusky pink, slightly taupe-y accents are a good place to start for building the rest of the look around this statement. I played with a few proper pinks and burgundies before settling on a lighter pinkish beige which is the base of the LE jumper that I'm wearing here as a skirt. The bold pattern then informed the choice of purse, with an interesting graphic animal print strap. By this point, there's a punky vibe starting to push through, so the shredded knit jumper, boots and mismatched earrings all follow suit. That's all styling is...finding the piece, finding the complimentary element, then letting that lead you through the rest of the plot.

Ingredients | You Will Need

Yellow Fringe Coat | Subcouture
Black Rebel Top | Velvet Orchid
Cozy Pattern Sweater | Limited Edition
HotBuys Olive Earrings | Velvet Orchid
Square Brooch Earring | Epiphany
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute
Dion Lee Leather Bag Black | Antidote
Jeweled Lock Boots | Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Tribute

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