Monday, 9 May 2016

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Brand new LE came out on Friday - a bit of a surprise for me as I hadn't seen any spoilers until shortly before the release and it's not been the usual 3 months since the last release! The homepage advert looks pretty cool, a little circus-esque theme is what I get from first impressions.
So Stardoll deem this as a 'luxurious' collection - personally I don't get that from all the pieces but there's definitely a heavy element of that with the fabrics and colours chosen for pieces, along with the accessories. There were 3 floors as the last release which are packed with a huge range of styles and items for us to choose from.
I'll begin with the accessories, and there's a huge range to choose from! I wasn't online for a little while after the release so missed out on the most popular pieces which are definitely the Black and Red and Natural Shades Faux Fur Charm, but luckily I was able to get my hands on the Half Shade Glasses - my favourite accessory of the collection! There was a good range of shoes in different styles and colours which I think is great, I fell hard for the Gold Lace Lattice Heels but also very much like the Rich Burgundy Satin Heels despite their huge height. One of the pairs with pieces left are the LE Metallic Booties, and for some reason, I'm kind of liking them! They're a piece with a bit of a difference but are super cool in their colour and design, so I might be tempted after a day or so of looking at them - let me know if you bought them and gave them a style so I can check it out =D And then the bags - I was very lucky to be gifted the Beaded Chain Clutch which is such a pretty and delicate piece, I'm excited to style it^ There's also a good mix of colours and styles when it comes to the bags, so I'm pretty pleased to see that - there's bright with the LE Patent Carryall, quirky with the Bejewelled Lipstick Minaudiere, classic with the Quilted Velvet Purse then something a little darker with a pattern in the Succulent Flower Bag - so much to choose from and that's not even them all! I also particularly like the Chanel Inspired Belt Bag, super cute! And there's jewellery too - I love the golden that we get from both the Lanvin Inspired Palm Earrings and the Strap and Chain Necklace.
Now the clothing! There's a huge range to choose from with a lot of different items, but for me the collection is based around the dresses! A lot of maxi feels going on with the Van Noten Inspired Gown, JPG Stripe Gown, Inspired By Gucci Emerald Gown and many more^ Then there's also some midi choices which I love, especially the Golden Feather Dress which has both an amazing print and shape and the two compliment each other so well! Then I can't ignore the cutest mini in the store - the Fringed Evening Dress which is classy but pretty adorable at the same time^ The dresses were what really stood out to me and I loved them mixed throughout the floors but there are plenty of other items too. The outerwear is pretty awesome, and I wish I'd been able to get the Satin Lapel Trench, it's clearly the most popular item from the collection and I've been loving seeing it styled in so many ways =) The Opulent Silk Robe is cool too, I love the colours and the design plus the style of more chic-pyjamas as outerwear is pretty in right about now. There were quite a few tops to choose from - nothing stood out too much to me really, but more everything just sort of fitted in ... if you know what I mean! The Gigi Cream Silk Blouse was definitely a big favourite, although it's a style we've had a few times before from other stores, and the Coco Couture Top definitely lives up to it's stylish name and the golden colour is super pretty. I did end up purchasing the Pure Silk Cami on a bit of a whim, the shape at the body section does seem a little odd, but actually I love how I've styled it below so I'm glad I made this purchase =D And lastly the trousers, of which there were quite a few pairs to choose from in either a tighter fit, like the LE Styled Suit Pants and the Satin Sheen Trousers, or a wider leg style in the Wide Stripe Chic Pants and LE Leopard Trousers. I like a mix of the two and was so glad there were still items of these available for me to purchase when I got online!
Prices for the release ranged from 30 to 185SD's with the majority of items under the 100 mark - which I'd agree with for a limited collection. Accessories as always were at the lower end of the scale and were very popular for their smaller price tag =)
Now onto my looks! I've put together 3 with a few of the items I decided to buy, and I really love these as a set. For me they really embody my opinions and view and understanding of the collection, so I'm happy about that^ I squeezed the Wide Stripe Chic Pants, Gold Lace Lattice Heels and the Alberta Ferretti Inspired Snake Belt into my first look with just the addition of this neutral Chanel blouse and it's a combination I adore so much, it's amazing how just adding one other piece can work so well with a whole host of pieces. Then I went with the LE Styled Suit Pants and Half Shade Glasses in a super cool all-black look, and I'm glad I got some use out of this blouse, the style fits that of the trousers really nicely! Then lastly my look with the Pure Silk Cami, again featuring a whole lot of black but in a more summery styled look. I really quite like this skirt with the cami and I know I'll pair them again =)
And now a whole set of awesome features of dolls working this collection! I'm not gonna talk much for this part and let you guys just admire the way some of the pieces have been worked into outfits and see the creativity that has been involved =D

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