Monday, 21 May 2018

V O I L E | Release Review

It feels like ages since our last VOILE release, when I saw it in the Plaza I was super excited, because there's always some great pieces to be had in these releases! The advertising is cool, I love the model choices and also the colours, it's attractive and really sells the collection =)
Highlights This is your typical VOILE release - there's two floors, with a couple of male looks, and they're filled to the brim with glitz and glam and gowns and some designer inspiration! Really loving it, I think this will be popular =)
Accessories Quite a small number of accessories, but a pretty good mix across the store, fitting with a lot of the different dresses on offer. There are 4 pairs of shoes, all of which are strappy-heeled styles, but it looks good and suits the vibe of the store. The Saint Laurent Heels come in both Rose and Black, the Black ones will be super versatile and I bought those immediately, but now I've seen quite a few people wearing the Rose and I think I might be a convert to those^ You can also get the Aquazurra Inspired Fur Sandals in the same pinky tone, but these are furry! Which you really don't notice much until you zoom in, but they look like a super classy fur sandal, if there is such a thing^ And lastly the Slingback Glitter Pumps which are more purple-toned, and I love the overall shape of these from the heel height, the slingback, to the square toe! There are two bags, I love the Glitter Voile Clutch as a sparkling going-out style piece, but it's been the Silver Snake Handbag which has been the standout piece - literally everyone is wearing it! And I've seen it in so many different types of style, it's great! In terms of other items there are a couple of amazing earring sets - the Golden Star Earrings and the Satin Flower Earrings, both pairs are so delicate and beautiful and will definitely stand out in any beauty look =)
Clothing Of course, the store is filled with dresses! There are 10 in a range of lengths and colours and designs, but they're all rather glam and glitz is a focus^ I'm finding myself not so much a fan of the longer pieces, I like the Mermaid Dress best, although it sure is sheer! The sparkles and shimmer on it are great though, maybe one day! Another sheer piece is the Lace Armour Dress, which I think looks amazing, including the cut and fit on the doll, but just a little on the sheer side, maybe I should buy it and investigate some creative ways to wear it^ Of the darker pieces I do quite like the Glitter Shell Dress with it's blacks and blues and silver detailing. It's got a little more of a casual feel to it compared to other pieces in the store, but I think it makes it that little bit more versatile - I think it will be perfect in many autumn and winter stylings =) One style I was quite intrigued by was the sequin/plated design that both the Glitter Purple Dress (the maxi with the slit^) and the Flower Purple Dress have, along with the Glitter Shell Skirt - I think it's cool and pretty retro, while I don't think it would work for my doll all the time, I think there are some people who would look awesome in the style everyday! In addition to that, there's only 1 other skirt, the Rose Wrap Skirt which I love, it's just amazing in colour and glittery-ness! 
Prices This release ranges from 10 to 34SD's, and nothing is limited to SS or Royalty members only, which is great^
Styled Outfits Had fun putting these looks together, I think the pieces fit well into my wardrobe and style =) First up the Rose Wrap Skirt paired with some equally glittery accessories, these were almost made to be worn with this skirt! I think they're perfect^ I did have a little trouble with the skirt length, I think it would be a little easier to wear if it was a little shorter, but that's ok, it is a nice piece as is =) Secondly the accessories, both the Saint Laurent Inspired Sandals Black and Glitter Voile Clutch which both stand out against these neutral black trousers in something a little more casual for the bag. I like the floral top in the look, it adds detail which isn't a sparkle^ And finally the Rose Silk Blouse, paired with all the pastel pinks in my closet - I'm kidding, just a little^ I love it with this matching skirt, it makes such a good looking casual dress, and I can see this piece will be great and light feeling in the summer months and with summer stylings!
Features And a couple of features, firstly millaxx rocking the Mermaid Dress looking oh-so-cool and not-so-sheer at all! The accessories are very fitting, minimal and perfect, even the hair and makeup is perfection for this styling ... this is how to do this dress!
And secondly nicki_-_-minaj wearing the Saint Laurent Inspired Sandals Rose and Rose Glitter Dress, again, it's a minimal styling with just accessories added and some pastel gloves but they're all perfect for the piece and the necklaces make good use of the dress neckline =)

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