Wednesday, 9 May 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | May 2016

These May 2016 HB's were not my favourites at all - they were a mix of D&G themed pieces, a brand and design that I'm not so fond of for my personal style. So I've sold quite a few of these pieces and wasn't left so much to choose from to style! I wore the D&G Citrus Bag in the Bag It Up Challenge last year, so in this post I've worked with the Dolce Rose Heels and the Dolce Vida Earrings:
I'm really happy with these two stylings, I think they work nicely as a set, which was unintentional, and I do think they are the best pieces from the HB selection that they were in. These shoes are such a pretty piece that they really need worn in a dressy way, I found quite a few pieces that went well with them, but in the end this burgundy one-shouldered piece won-out and I really love it with the shoes! Burgundy for the rest of the accessories and the eyeshadow, which I think works to highlight the white tone in the shoes and let the roses pop^ As for the earrings, I was just going to do a beauty look with these, but actually I loved this yellow combination too much not to share - it really pops the sunflower in the earrings, and I think my hairstyle helps highlight them too =)

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