Monday, 7 May 2018

B I Z O U | Release Review

It's been quite a few months since our last release of Bizou, it's usually a pretty good release so I am excited for this one! The advertising is bright, fresh and summery and the models do a great job in showing off the range of the store =)
Highlights The release is of typical size for Bizou, and it's a pretty typical spring/summer release with light colours and fabrics and designs. Huge mix of styles, from minimal to feminine, to quirky, I truly think everyone will find a piece that works for them in this collection!
Accessories A pretty standard accessories drop, although no jewellery or additions, just shoes and bags - the accessories definitely aren't my preferences in this release. The two bags are darker pieces but are styles I wouldn't wear so much, there's the Babes Shopping Bag and the Beautil Bag - shopper bags just aren't my style, and I find the second a little too square to fit with the way I like to wear bags. The shoes are an improvement - there's feminine in the Gladiator Pink Sandals, which are beautiful in colour but I think I'd like them more as a mule style without the ankle strap on them and just the buckled straps over the feet, dark glamour in the Lace Tulle Pumps, which are just a style I know I will not wear, and lastly my favourites, the quirky choice with the Yellow Plastic Sandals, which look so much better than the name suggests! These are slingbacks with a yellow and pink set of perspex straps with a white heel ... I just love them! I think it's all about the colour with this pair =)
Clothing The clothing is pretty darn good with this release! A great mix of prints and designs, with a whole lot of gingham thrown in the mix! I'll start off with dresses - there's quite a few, 5 in total, and I have to say, they're not hugely fitting with my taste in dresses. Gingham choices include the Collared Checked Dress in black and red (a little wintery for this season) and the Checked Flower Dress in black and white with a nice floral design, I think this one maybe will get a chance with me^ The Lace Bordeaux Dress is a mix of prints and colours, it's just not something I can see being worn well, and the Denim Shirt Dress is all about the stripes. The Mustard Treger Dress is again a piece I can't see myself in, it's the most minimal style of them all and I do like the colour, but the design isn't one I would choose. In terms of skirts, much better choices - the Ripped Slit Denim Skirt is a white piece, and not a midi length which I like, it fits really nicely and I think it will be great for more casual styles in summer. And secondly, possibly the dreamiest piece of the release, the Graphic Skirt, a flowing white maxi with the coolest of prints and colours splashed on! It's a dream, it fits well and it's versatile, plus I've seen about a hundred dolls styling it, so it must be a good 'un to add to the wardrobe! It comes with a matching Graphic Sweater, but I don't think this adds much to the look as the skirt is the standout winner. Also in bottoms, and competing for top spot in this collection, are the Checked Crop Trousers, also seen on a hundred dolls, these are amazing! A perfect fit of trouser, a great cut and a flattering design, they're just amazing all-round! The Gingham Off Shoulder Crop Top is also a great checked piece, it's got a great summer design and looks good on the doll, I think it's also a pretty versatile piece and will look good in many ways with many colours and styles =) And then a couple of outerwear pieces. The Embroidery Caftan is a perfect example of a summer jacket, it's light in fabric and colour and has a pretty design on it, it's what has been missing from my wardrobe! I did attempt to style it for this post, but couldn't find just the right look, so I'll need to work on it a little more^ Then there are two quite similar but very trendy pieces that I think a lot of people have been loving, the One Shoulder Leather Jacket, a black oversized piece with a big slogan, and the In Hand Faux Fur Jacket which has beautiful light colours and a really nice design, but I can't stand the face print on it, I just think it's awful and kind of ruins what could have been a beautiful jacket =/
Prices This release ranged from 5 to 18SD's, which is about right for this type of store, nothing was overpriced and I was happy with the cost of items I wanted to buy. And nothing is SS or Royalty limited either =)
Styled Outfits My looks! I really tried to go summery, I think I'm about half way there, need to work on weedling out the black! First up the Gingham Off Shoulder Crop Top and my excellent reason for needing black is that I think these are the highest of waist trousers that I have so that I wouldn't have any stomach showing, but I think this works! It's a good starting point for the top before being brave with colours! I stayed pretty simple with the accessories, these gingham shoes are a cute addition and the black clutch is a nice piece to finish the look. I'll also take this opportunity to say how great I think this hairstyle looks - I just got it from cinderela23barb at the weekend and I am totally in love with it, it's perfect for my doll! Next up the Graphic Skirt which I resized to make it a midi piece, it works well like this too! I stayed simple with the clothing, typical black and white, but coloured the accessories, loved this burgundy clutch to go with the rusted red in the skirt, and then these bright yellow and blue heels, which I love an excuse to wear and I think they work well with the colouring in the skirt too^ And finally the Yellow Plastic Sandals in a look that I just adore! I was torn between taking a yellow or a pink direction with the look because these shoes will look good either way, so ended up with pink clothing and yellow accessories^ This glittered dress that I've worn as a skirt is the perfect shade of pink(/purple) for the shoes, so I've casualed it down with this pink top and the yellow accessories ... in a weird way I think it works, but I don't mind if it does or not because I'll still love it =D
Features And now for the features! First up i-D. wearing the Mustard Treger Dress and Yellow Plastic Sandals - it's such an unexpected look for the dress, but I'm really impressed because it just works well! The mesh really breaks up the look, and the white pieces look amazing together. The shoes are a refreshing touch, and I love the bold red lip =D
Maniakpupili has gone with the One Shoulder Leather Jacket in this classically cool look of white jeans and oversized black knit - it looks good! I like the belting across the body and the use of the pink belt bag pairing well with the colours on the back of the jacket ... I also think some blue boots would look awesome with this!
And then we have singiel wearing the Embroidery Caftan - this just looks so good! The black pieces are light and delicate, the styles work so well with the piece. I love the sheer lacy trousers, they look so good! The minimal accessorising is perfect for this overall style, as is the loose hairstyle =) 
Fourthly, sarah_1980 is wearing the Graphic Skirt, and also as a midi style like I have, but I am totally LOVING this yellow blouse with the skirt, the colour is perfection with the yellow splashes on the skirt, and the cami beneath is a great choice. The neutral heels look great and the bag definitely stands out whilst fitting in well with it's gold hardware^
And last but not least, *starrr* wearing the Checked Crop Trousers in an outfit I could wear for days! I love this styling, it's so simple and 'me' so I couldn't not feature it^ This white shirt adds a smart feel to the trousers and the heels fit well and don't add a specific vibe to the look. I'm particularly loving bag choice though, it's so different, the tone of the print is perfect, but the print adds a huge area of interest to the style!

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