Sunday, 20 May 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Checked Crop Trousers

A super recent release this time, the Checked Crop Trousers from Bizou, a very popular piece that have been styled in so many ways already that I hope I can add to with these stylings =) I really thought these were a blue check until around half-way through these stylings and realised it was a black check, oops^
Casual and light for spring and summer stylings
My first thoughts with these trousers is how well they would look in casual based stylings, their colour is pretty versatile so plenty of choices, but with casual I love the neutral feel and I have so many tees and sweaters in that category - plus loving the tucked style with them^
1 | A white tee - where can it go wrong?! And trainers too, I love these with the trousers, I think they're a great choice and lead well into other white pieces being chosen, there's so many casual ones out there to go for.
2 | This cropped sweater was a surprise fit with these trousers, and I love it! It also highlights what I thought was blue in the checks! The checked shoes are a cute it and I adore this navy bag adding more texture^
Suited up smartly is a great look for these trousers!
White shirts are fantastic with these trousers, I have so many that I could wear a different one everyday of the month with the trousers! While it's summer I veered away from the smartest of styles, but still dressed these two looks smartly for the warmer weather.
3 | This cardigan is the sweetest with the trousers, for me it was a must in at least one of these looks, it's great with the light white of the shirt and shoes. The bag is a fun choice, it really pops with the orange and red!
4 | I found this sweet top buried quite far in my wardrobe but it's perfect with these trousers for something different as I can't imagine many of you have seen this piece in a while^ Loved accessorising the look with these shoes and the hanging blazer for a smarter style^
Be bold, be bright, be yellow!
For my last set of stylings I wanted to go bold with colours, I was going to pick two different ones, but both of these yellow looks stood out to me and I couldn't resist, yellow+checks are a winning combination =D
5 | Two of my favourite yellow tops worn together, I couldn't resist, they're so bright, just what I was wanting for this category! Minimal shoes and a bag let the bold features of the tops stand out - and I think some darker colours will look great to make an autumn winter styling with colours and these trousers too.
6 | This is a little casual mixed in with the pastel yellow, but love the shape of this oversized sweater with the fitting trousers. Loving the yellow sandals, those are thumbs up from me^

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