Sunday, 27 May 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

This weekend brought us brand new Subcouture, always exciting for me! The advertising is cool, I love the pink and sparkly unicorn feeling to it, it's attractive and will sure draw people in to buy things^ And at the time of posting, you still have a couple of hours left to make those last purchases!
Highlights So this is the typical Subcouture release of two floors, although this time they are definitely stuffed to the brim with summer styles! I also love that there are 3 completely different male looks to shop from for the male dolls, a huge step up from the usual =) Also really loving the pink-toned marble interior, it's pretty fun^
Accessories When I first looked at the store, the accessories were what caught my eye immediately, and I love that! In addition to the usual bags and shoes, there's not many other accessories to choose from, but I really like the direction taken with what's there. There are 3 bags in the store, two blue, the Buckle Blue Clutch, a round cobalt bag with silver hardwear, and the Roksanda Blue Bag, a square style with quirky handles. Then there is also the Gucci Inspired Pink Heart Clutch, which isn't a clutch at all as it has a silver chain, but it's still a great bright pink sparkly bag! I bought all of them, I really like the styles and I think they fit in well with my bag collection =) There are 4 pairs of shoes, I don't find myself such a big fan of these as I am of the bags, but the Embellished Slingback Pumps are an absolute gem in this release! They've got a minimal yet fantastic design and have looked good with just about everything I've seen =) In terms of the rest, there are just 3 pieces, and while I'm not so much a fan of the belts, I do really love the Orecchini Pendant Earrings which are very glamorous and I adore the emerald colour to them, can't wait to wear these!
Clothing There are 12 looks put together in this store, so a lot of pieces to choose from. There's quite an emphasis of dresses/onepieces, with 7 to pick between in a completely versatile range - something for everyone! The first piece I really quite liked was the Fleamadona Inspired Dress for it's bright fuchsia colour, sheen and glittered V at the body - it's something quite different for me and I know I won't get a lot of wear out of it, but it's something I totally want to try out! The florals also really caught my eye, the Temperly London Inspired Jumpsuit and Balenciaga Inspired Crepe Stretch Dress. I love the fit of both pieces, I think they're fitting well into current trends and styles. I'm also a little tempted by the VictorRolf Inspired Dress, again it's not something I can see myself wearing often, but I think the blue and red design is cute and the bow-collar is adorable, plus the dress fits really nicely on my doll! I was a little disappointed by the bottomhalves on offer, there's a skirt and two pairs of jeans, but they really don't stand out in the collection and the styles don't appeal to me at all. They don't really look like new designs and current styles. There are 4 tops in the store, again in a mix of styles and I really quite like them on the whole. The Morgan Lane Inspired Top was the first one I saw and I think it's the prettiest spring/summer piece with it's strappy peplum design and sweet light navy colour with polka dot design. The Jacquemus Inspired Shirt also jumped out pretty quickly because we all know I love burgundy and this is a perfect match with my favourite burgundy trousers - plus it's a quirky mix with a white shirt, another of my favourite styles^ The Fleamadona Inspired Star Top is pretty cute, but not something I can see myself styling easily, so I'll give that a miss this time, but what I haven't given a miss is the Fleamadona Inspired Pink Shirt, which I was a little unsure of at first, but then I saw a couple of the features below and knew I'd regret it if I didn't get it - I'm so glad I've got it, I loved styling it below! And lastly, something quick about the outerwear, the Jacquemus Inspired Jacket, a beige fitted long blazer, and the Simone Rocha Inspired Jacket which is a black sheer piece - I'm just so undecided about them! I've seen a couple of great looks, but the question is would I be able to pull them off well myself?! I really don't know - luckily there are still a few hours to decide!
Prices This collection ranges from 13 to 31SD's, which I think is great and the top price is a little cheaper than it has been in the last few releases! The limit on this collection was the time, being only available this weekend. A few pieces are SS only, but they're not main components of the collection, so overall it's pretty much available to all.
Styled Outfits And now the fun part - I loved working with the pieces, and attempted to style the pieces that I didn't feature in the below features, I've worked with the other pieces I bought and have included them in some other posts too^ First up the Fleamadona Inspired Dress which really doesn't need much other clothing, right? I'd like to see it styled up a bit more with additional pieces, but I'm not a complicated person, so matching it with the Gucci Inspired Pink Heart Clutch and some fun matching pink shoes is as far as I get with this one, but I think it still looks glamorous^ Secondly the Orecchini Pendant Earrings and Embellished Slingback Pumps in a smarter based styling, love the white shirt against the emerald of the earrings, they really pop and also pair well with the bag too, the black strap of which ties nicely with the shoes - it's a minimal way of wearing the collection this one^ And finally the Roksanda Blue Bag, which I actually also styled already over at What I Wore On Stardoll, I just love this piece a lot and think it really pops in this outfit against the white. The shoes are a great colour match for the bag, and I love this tanned cardigan matching the handle on the bag - I think there are so many options for this piece!
Features First up two looks both with the Fleamadona Inspired Pink Shirt which really pushed me to buy it, Leiona_- and Lawliet.! And both going with gingham styles on the bottom, firstly trousers and then a skirt and I think both pieces of clothing work really well with the shirt. Leiona_- also makes use of the Embellished Slingback Pumps which go nicely with the gingham while Lawliet. adds a light touch with the white tights and shoes =D
Next up wearing the Morgan Lane Inspired Top is millaxx and I think this is the cutest summer outfit! The top stands out and the fit works well with that of the skirt, both pieces are able to share the limelight well^ The accessories are spot on, I think this is almost exactly how I'd love to look in this top =)
Wearing the Simone Rocha Inspired Jacket and trying to convince me on it is miver looking amazing! I think the gathered gloves work particularly well with this piece, these ones are a perfect height on the arm to work with the sleeve of the jacket. While I think it would work well with most pieces underneath, I think it does look particularly good with this neutral dress^
And lastly RiManiKordenty wearing the Jacquemus Inspired Shirt exactly how I plan to wear mine! So so perfect with these trousers! The white and black accessories on the bottomhalf really pop out well against the burgundy and everything chosen is very stylish, from the glasses to the bag, I really like this classical look!

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