Sunday, 13 May 2018

E P I P H A N Y | Styled Outfits

We recently got a new Epiphany release at the start of May - all about the golden tones in the pieces in this one. There's an emphasis on necklaces and a couple of cute makeup pieces. I just bought one piece with this one, the Golden Rope Necklace - which I liked for it's more open style with just hanging around the neck loosely and it's more minimal style than some of the other pieces.
I found this necklace looks great with neutral colours and pieces, and I particularly like these low swooping necklines with it too! It's worked well with slightly casual styles, as well as dressed up ones and I'm loving pastel pinks and beiges paired with it so much! These are totally what I'd go-to when styling this necklace again =) Also, makeup looks are so much fun with this necklace, so many great browns and burgundys to work with that suit it well!

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