Saturday, 19 May 2018

L E D E C O R | Release Review

We had a little warning last week that a new LE Decor release was coming - and boy was I impressed! So glad I was able to be online because I was sure not disappointed by this offering^ I love the advertising, the pink is attractive and catches everyone's eye =D
Highlights Ok, so it might be a little pink for some, but I think this design theme is amazing and completely on trend for interiors right now! The release has 2 floors which is the regular size of LE Decor releases, but I think the first of the two floors definitely appeals to me more^ But the interior is a definite winner =)
Furniture There's quite a few large furniture pieces in the release, focussed around velvet, which is fabulous! The Green LE Sofa, Pink Velvet Chair and Green Side Chair are fantastic pieces and have been designed very nicely and I'm excited to have them in my suite. Aside from seating there is a great selection of tables to choose from, whether you want bold in the pinks with the LE Wire Round Table and Wire Side Table (with matching Tree Dining Chairs), or whether you want shiny with the Copper Coffee Table which looks stunning, but I do also like the Leaf Side Table with perspex base and a wooden top - these are all great choices^
Decor I do think there's a lot of smaller pieces in this release, many lighting and plant choices which keeps things fresh. Not much in terms of textiles, but I do like the Leather Pink Rug, it's unique and pretty stylish. Also not so much in terms of artwork, but the one piece, the Watercolour Painting is amazing! It's got such beautiful tones to it and will look great in many colours of room. The plants are great and I went a little crazy and purchased them all - the Flower Arrangement, Medinilla Magnifica Plant, Pink Indoor Flower, and Plant Stone ... they all look amazing and are great arrangements to add to rooms^ Like I said, a lot of lighting, I like the idea of the 'DIY' style of the ceiling lights in the different colours, I think this would work well with a lot of different styles, and doesn't necessarily need to be a limited thing.
Prices The release ranges from 15 to 75 SD's which I think it fine for LE Decor, as it's LE, everything is limited in amount and for SS members only.
Styled Suite I bought rather a lot from this collection, including the interior, and have really not had a chance to use absolutely everything yet - but loving what I've done so far, I just wish you could buy multiple of pieces, like the Pink Velvet Chair, it would look so good in a group and in several places around my suite^
Features Now for a couple of features - I snapped these while the interior glitch was still ongoing, so they really get to focus on the individual pieces in the collection. First up mfentyx making good use of the flowers, but I loved the use of the Pink LE Wall Lamp Upper and Lower on the back wall, they look great and really stand out in this interior, in fact they were the first thing I spotted in the room =)
Secondly pinkpink999 working with the Floating Staircase, I did wonder how it would work out in any suite situation, but I think it looks great here in this muted room against the beige palm printed wall, it really pops out and the lighting on the stairs looks great with standing lights at the back too - super snazzy!
And lastly shiv_shav including the Leaf Side Table which takes centre-stage in this room. Sure it's only one piece from the collection, but all of the focus is on it and it stands out really nicely, the wood is unique in the room, so pops, and the green looks great against the grey seating and fur textiles in the design =D

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