Saturday, 12 May 2018

Girl Gang

Inspired by the fab round up of Bonjour Bizou looks, I went back for this shoulder-slung jacket because it just reeks of attitude. I've graduated from Bonnie and Clyde vibes to full blown girl gang member.

Blue, pink and red shouldn't work as a palette, but somehow it does. The headscarf is a lucky find as it really pulls together the detail of the jacket. So as not to over-complicate things, I've chosen a black and white background, but lots of texture for opulence.

All I need now is a motorbike... But only to lie across dramatically seeing as this look is as practical as a chocolate teapot...

Ingredients | You Will Need
One Shoulder Leather Jacket | Bonjour Bizou
Dolce & Gabbana Corset Dress | Limited Edition
Off White Inspired Ruffle Top | Inspired by Off White Tribute
Shaggy Zebra Skirt | Bonjour Bizou
Liberty Print Inspired Skirt | Vinyl
Blue Shine Belt | Jean Paul Gaultier Tribute
Leather and Chains Belt | Mr.
Folder Over Striped Galore Bag | Antidote
White Chelsea Boots | Basics
Tiffany Shoes | Voile

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