Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Call Me on My Lobster Phone

This look began as a simple impulse to wear red. Somehow, we've ended up with lobster. 

There really wasn't much thought put into it! That said, why pass up an opportunity to wear the most iconic Elsa Schiaparelli surrealist fashion design. I'm a big fan of surrealist art, so this gown had to belong in my wardrobe, though truth be told, I came across it in the bazaar by sheer luck. I'd love to see more Schiaparelli in the plaza in future - new or vintage - as some of their recent collections have been favourites of mine.

The title, of course, is reference to Salvador Dali's Lobster Phone, seeing as the Lobster Dress was made in collaboration with Dali. The little leaf details are sprigs of parsley and, according to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Dali was particularly disappointed when Schiaparelli wouldn't let him spread actual mayonnaise on the gown...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Schiaparelli Inspired Lobster Dress | Decades
Ecru Classic Turtle Neck | Pearls
Double Breasted Glencheck Blazer | Royalty
Delhi Velvet Coat | Callie's Picks
LE Tassel Earring | Limited Edition
HotBuys Red Belt Bag | Fallen Angel
Soft Beige Thigh Highs | Inspired by Balmain Tribute

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