Tuesday, 8 May 2018

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

Hot off the heels of a clothing release in The Jet Set - here is a decor release! Given the greatness from the clothes, it's safe to say there is a little of an expectation for this one. Going from the advertising it looks like this is a great addition to the store and Plaza, I love those colours! This post was meant to go up quite a few posts ago, but time got away from me - better late than never^
Highlights It's just a one-floor release, alike last time, and it's set in the same interior as well - I think the colours of this one would suit an interior more like in the advertising with bluey tones rather than bright, but it still all looks good to me!
Furniture Just a few pieces of furniture in the release, namely the Velvet Sofa with matching Stool in the beautiful textures and a fantastic colour, the muted blue/grey looks fantastic, and the golden trim stands out, I love it! There is also the Lead Chair, which has been designed to modern taste with a cool shape and a fantastic colour - they really have got all the colours on point with this release! There are quite a few tables with this collection, the Alligator Table is front and centre so you see it first, while I like it, I don't think it necessarily fits with the vibe of the store like the Bubble Coffee Table and Copper Console do, they are fitting choices and pretty versatile ones too, I think the bubble design will look good in many rooms, especially when paired with the Bubble Chandelier! And lastly also in lighting is the Zigzag Floor Lamp, also pretty cool and versatile in style, it's a good neutral piece =)
Decor There's not so many small pieces this time round overall. Just a few textiles, the Shaggy White Carpet, which is nice, although we've had a lot of similar ones in the past, and the Grey Curtains, which are quite nice, I don't think I've ever used curtains on a rail like this in my suite, so they might be an interesting choice. I really like the wall pieces in the release, they're stunning, the Painting Inspired Cohen and Mirror Prisma, they're of such unique style and design, they really pop out in a room! The colours of them both are also beautiful! The Turtle Fossil Sculpture is quite fitting with the Alligator Table, and I love the design of the Chinese Lanterns, I think their colours will look great in a neutral Scandi-style room^ And a little bit of nature with the Green Pine Plant, a small but cute addition - I wanna see more of this =D
Prices This collection ranges from 4 to 20SD's, which I think is pretty good for Decor pieces. As it's The Jet Set it's an SS only collection, and the price range fits well with previous releases.
Styled Suite I had a good time buying a few pieces to add to my suite! I love how the Mirror Prisma and Lead Chair work together and how well they fit into one of my already mostly-complete suite rooms! The golden tones mean they fit well with quite a lot of other decor pieces. And I'm looking forward to making good use of the Painting Inspired Cohen, it's so stylish and deserves a great room around it^
Features And a couple of features from this release! Firstly lovebarbie, using the pieces in a simple room design - I love the black wall as a base for the Mushroom Shelves, they really pop, as well as the Painting Inspired Cohen, the tone of the wall is perfect for the painting, as is the use of the cobalt side-table, it really brings out the blues in the artwork!
And secondly a whole room from frankieiz12 featuring so many of the pieces, mainly the Velvet Sofa with matching Stool which look great with these cushions added, and then also the Painting Inspired Cohen - which is actually used as a landscape piece, which looks good - the spotlight over it is also a great idea!

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