Thursday, 31 May 2018

M A Y 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Here we are, the end of another month and another set of HB's - my first opinion on these based on the advertising was that these really aren't my style, but I think that was influenced by the crazy coloured background the models are in, I think it detracts from the individual pieces and really pulled my opinion. So thinking about just the pieces alone, lets see how I got on!

Flower Earrings - These are quite a cute pair of earrings, I like the design and I like the colours, I think they look really nice on the doll - my only qualm about them is that they do look a little plastic-like and that really puts me off them, which is a shame! Rio 14SD's
Pink Silk Top - I do love a good pink piece, but this one just doesn't work out for me. The bold tone is ok for some, but it's not my style, and I think the halter and draping style actually looks a little cheap =/ I didn't like this one in the advertising, and unfortunately that opinion has stayed the same now I've tried it on - not getting the month off to a great start with these two! It Girls 21SD's
Red Belt Bag - This is cute! Definitely the first good HB this month! We all love a belt-bag, these are a hugely popular style and this one is a great addition to what we already have. I love the minimal design of it, it provides some versatility for the piece. Plus the colour, that's one fabulous red, I love it^ Fallen Angel 19SD's
Christian Louboutin Inspired Shoes - I'm not sure what to think about these, on one hand I like the colour and the almost-velvet feel they have to them, but I'm just not sure on this frilled design around the upper foot and ankle, like I really have no idea about it! I don't think it looks the best or most flattering shoe design on my doll, but I need to see someone else wearing them to prove me wrong, so far I've not seen these styled. Pretty 'N Love 20SD's
Flower Green Skirt - Ok but this one, I love! While green isn't the most regular colour to wear or being seen worn by dolls, I think this one is a great piece. Florals are perfect for spring and the boldness of these make it a good summer piece too. It fits the doll really well, I love the length and the slit on the side, it gets a big thumbs up from me =D Bizou 23SD's
Two Tone Clutch - Another sweet bag! This one also has a red tone but I love the whole design of it, with the purple/pink zipper and the golden handle ... like when will gold ever go wrong?! Certainly not here! It's such a unique design and style, it's minimal but individual and I think it will stand out to a lot of people, I'm so excited to style this one^ Evil Panda 20SD's
Crystal Suede Sandals - These are pretty standard heeled strapped sandals. They're black with a red-ish sole and they're covered in crystals, which I think are a little pearl-looking if you look close enough. They look pretty good on the foot of the doll, but I don't think they have a huge wow-factor and might get a little lost. RIO 18SD's
Gucci Inspired Silk Pants - So these don't look like the most flattering pair of trousers, either in the advertising or in the spoilers, but I completely fell for the colour so I wanted to really give them a good chance at working out - and they do! Once in my suite I gave them a little re-size and re-orientation and they sat in a much more flattering way, woohoo^ These are straight-leg in fit with a pretty high waist and I loved styling them so much, completely worth the price =D It Girls 24SD's
Gucci Inspired Bow Jacket - I'm just not on board with this one, it's just not a piece for me. I think the basic blazer of it has a nice shape and the colour and trim look really nice - it's the giant bow that doesn't work for me. It doesn't make it a versatile piece, for me it's a little too large, so unfortunately I'm not singing its praises. It's also a tad expensive for what it is I think. Velvet Orchid 27SD's
Silver Crystal Choker - Choker's never really have stood out to me, so I don't feel any desire to buy this piece. The silver is nice and the design looks fairly delicate with the ring design on the front, but it't not flashy or a stand out piece. Pretty 'N Love 15SD's

LoveMiona2222 wears the Red Belt Bag in this styling, focusing on the reds with both the bag and boots against the neat white shirt and the style-focused shiny black leather trousers. I think it works really nicely, especially with the matte look of the bag against the trousers =)
RiManiKordenty pairs both the Two Tone Clutch and the Flower Green Skirt in this cool and jewel-packed styling. I like the fluorescent green of the long sleeved top, it catches your eye and surprisingly looks good with the bright pink of the florals. I like the whites in the look to break up the colours, it works and looks super glamorous in addition to the silver jewels!
And lastly Mabepa going blue in the Gucci Inspired Silk Pants which I found last minute and so glad I did! Adore the silk floral shirt with these trousers, such an unusual choice but one that works very nicely due to the blue tones in the print! Also love the pops of different colours in the beauty look =)

I loved styling this month's HBs! Of the 10, I bought 5, which I think is a lot considering I didn't feel like they were my style so much. First up the Gucci Inspired Silk Pants, which I found so many different ways to wear! My favourite was with this velveteen cami paired with the navy and blue accessories, I mean this bag is perfection with them! With this slight adjustment to the size and angle, I think they're a great pair of trousers. Secondly the Flower Green Skirt, again which I found quite a few things that worked with it, but went for a simple summer look, playing on the pink flowers for the shoes and the green base of the skirt with the bag. The white top adds a bright touch. Lastly the Two Tone Clutch, which I just think is perfect with this Subcouture shirt which came out last weekend, I love the purple tone with the red, so fresh! These trousers have a nice non-white tone which I think works well with the colours. And of course some matching shoes^

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