Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tickled Pink (And Purple)

So last week was all about delicate gowns, neutrals colours and natural beauty. 

This week is about punch-you-in-the-face colours. 

I'm typically very scared of hot pink because it reminds me of my childhood Barbie phase where I would wear this shade and nothing else. Even this shade of purple is a little...risky because it's just so bright.

So if we can't rely on the palette to bring the fashion, then we've got to rely on the textures and shapes. The fringing is bang-on trend and the glittery elements are a more grown-up, geometric take on sparkle. The structured blazer and skirt elevate the whole look to Business Barbie. Add in a quirky shoe and a turtleneck and we've got just about enough elements to batter any critics into submission...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Balmain Inspired Sweater | Runway
Pink Shoulder Blazer | Bonjour Bizou
Gen Encrusted Skirt | Film Theory
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Pop the Collar Cropped White Shirt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Crisp White Cami | The JetSet
Double Chanel Purses | Callie's Picks
Chiara Ferragni Inspired Mules | It Girls
Vionnet Inspired Earrings | The JetSet

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