Saturday, 5 May 2018

Renaissance Flair

This is a fairly simple look for me, as a result of scooping this top from the bazaar. I'm just so into this neckline and sleeves. Very Renaissance, so objective one is to avoid looking like I'm about to go LARPing.

As I love contrasts, I wanted to pair the looseness of the sleeves with a more structured trouser. The black is graphic too, which helps to architect a shape. To keep it feminine and dreamy I've added softness with the stole (and to keep the decollete warm - it's very exposed after all!) and played up the pink too.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Puff Sleeve Blouse | Tingeling
High Waist Trouser | The JetSet
Studded Choker Set | Velvet Orchid
Oversized Blush Earring | Inspired by Gucci Tribute
Crossover Knot Belt | Apres Ski
Rose Gold Glitter Clutch | MSW
LE D&G inspired Faux Stole | Limited Edition
Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt | Evil Panda
Nude Heels | Fendi Tribute

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