Wednesday, 6 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Valentino Inspired Stud Bracelet

Here's our first HB accessory of the month - the Valentino Inspired Stud Bracelet. It's from It Girls and is very reasonably priced at 8SD's, thumbs up for that! This is quite a small piece, so while I think it could easily get lost in an outfit, I think it's quite sweet and stylish. I like the red colour to the banding of the bracelet, and the square stud is quite typically Valentino =D
So much red and so much black! These colours typically look good with this bracelet, and there's so many pieces in those colours out there that I'm sure every single reader could wear a completely different red or black look with this bracelet, making it a fairly versatile piece^ I really love all of our looks so I'm sure you'll have a hard time choosing which to vote for in the poll:

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