Sunday, 17 December 2017

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We got our holiday Callie's Picks release earlier this month, themed on red and green and boy does this release fit that colour scheme! The pieces are bright and on the most part are party-based. And actually I find that a lot of these are more recent pieces from the Plaza, and that I actually own quite a few pieces already so there wasn't much for me to buy - if I didn't own them I'd definitely go and buy the Hot Buys Emerald Green Coat, the Red Rockstud Pumps and then also the Hotbuys Suede Bag With Tassels which I styled recently for the Bag It Up Challenge, and there's a couple of other Tribute pieces included too. So instead of a review, a styled post =)
First a feature though, from millaxx wearing both the Hot Buys Emerald Green Coat and the Hotbuys Suede Bag With Tassels in this stylish winter outfit. I love how the two pieces work together perfectly yet both stand out in the styling. I love the brightness that the checks on the trousers bring to the outfit, they really help draw you in. And I love the use of the casual knit against the glamorous coat^
Next for my stylings - so first up is a piece I did buy in the store, the Holiday Hot Buys Tommy Sweater, which is a simple knit piece in festive red. The shape is a little off and I'd rather it was a bit more fitted at the hem around the hips, but nevermind, it's a good winter-staple to include in your wardrobe. I love it with this skirt, and the little hints of red there really stand out with the sweater. I kept the rest of the colours minimal just going with black so that the skirt and sweater really had the focus. Then I also brought out the Red Rockstud Pumps to style up again ready for a party, I think this is a great way to wear them! The gold of the studs pops with the rest of the gold in the look and having that little bit shorter length of the coat/dress really gives the shoes plenty of room to be seen. My only qualm with the shoes is that they're not quite red, they're a little more pinky toned, so they don't quite work exactly with all your typical red pieces!

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