Saturday, 16 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Double Chain Mass Of Gold

Not too many HBs left now, the first half of the month was pretty packed with them^ This next one is the Double Chain Mass Of Gold, another Beauty Parlor piece from RIO priced at 11SD's which I think is pretty reasonable for what it is. I like that the two chains are really delicate on this piece, I think that for one sure helps make a necklace wearable, and it also contrasts with the heaviness of the gold mass that's on the end of the necklace - I'm not sure how I feel about it, I'm not sure it's something I'd remember that I had to then style it, but lets see how we've gotten on for now:
So quite the contrast in styles, with two all black looks with one bright and blue at the end! It just shows the options for this piece! I did find it a little inconvenient being a Beauty Parlor necklace as it means you can't layer with outerwear or other clothing, which may be a deciding factor for some of you. I love the set of looks though, I think it did seem reasonably easy to style, but then again I didn't do something too creative! And as always, you can vote in the poll:

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