Saturday, 2 December 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #223

Next bag today - the Asabi Bag from Callie's Picks, I can't see it in the blog archives, so it must be a pretty old piece that I'm sure you can pick up easily in the Bazaar =) This clutch bag is in a pretty and current burgundy colour, but despite it's popularity and my love for the tone, it's a bag that I've really given no focus to - I think I've maybe used it once ever, and that was this year, in a HB post I think? I do however very much like the look I've put together for the bag today though, and I think it does great at showing the piece off^ I knew I wanted to use these textured trousers from the start, and using these boots is my favourite combination. It's not that I was avoiding this coat, but I wanted to give something else a chance, but in the end this worked out as the perfect one, and the light tone is good at letting the burgundy stand out nicely. I love my top and sweater combination, and the colours work well with the rest that are already in the look. So overall, I'm pretty surprisingly pleased by this one =D

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