Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Frill Up Shirt # W E S T Y L E I T

Pink! And such a bright pink too! This We Style It post brings you AudreyHepburn. and I's stylings of the It Girls Frill Up Shirt which joined our Plaza not that long ago earlier this year. It's a piece I bought upon release, and wore it back then, but haven't really had the time to put thought into. It's also a piece that I really don't see worn at all, so I made sure it got a chance here!
It sure is a bright piece, and I think that's been a part of why it doesn't get worn, as it's a tone that's hard to work with but we both made it work! While Lauri went a little more feminine, adding adorable bows to really play on the frills and making best use of the sleeves by adding this Dior crop top - that works in the favour of this shirt showing it's best parts^ On the other hand I went a little futuristic with my super shiny styling pairing the shirt with these metallic silver trousers and the patent puffa jacket - I like it, despite their different feel I do think the pink stands out, as does the V of the neck and the little tie at the waist - I've then highlighted the colour in my accessories, my favourite thing to do^

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