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I N S P I R E D B Y V E R S A C E | Tribute Review

Here is our second Tribute of the season - Versace! It's one we've had in the past, although not since 2014 and I think this offering is a huge improvement on our previous Versace release^ I will comment that we have also had some Versace through Young Versace and Versus Versace as well. The homepage ad is fun and shows off a lot of the different aspects that this collection has to offer =)
Highlights The store has two floors and 9 different looks to chose from. And it's a huge step up from our last Versace Tribute store^ Nothing for the guys this time though. There's quite a mix of styles for you to work with and types of pieces - overall not a bad Tribute release I'd say!
Accessories There's a real range of accessories with this release. There are 3 pairs of shoes, 2 of which are boots and one which are a classic sandal heel, the Sky High Medusa Sandals which are fairly minimal, with black colouring and gold details that should work with a lot of styles and outfits. The two boots are both well embellished, the Versace Embellished Over Knee Boots have coloured jewels and a classic currently-popular style of boot, and then the Versace Inspired Ankle Boots which come up just above the ankle, are also black, but have just gold chain embellishments. I love both pairs of boots and can't wait to style them, I think this will be the same for a lot of others too^ Then there is a small selection of other accessory pieces. One bag, the Versace Inspired Two Tone Bag which is in the box structured style mostly in white with a black flap over the top. The details on the bag are very pretty and so incredibly thought out, you should all zoom in and take a look at them! The Versace Inspired Necklace is the only jewellery, it's gold and delicate and in the choker style, I think it looks really good on the doll as well. The Versace Inspired Cowboy Hat fits well with the collection in the Plaza and is a memorable piece from the original collection. The Western Gold Buckle Belt is one of my favourite pieces from the whole release, it's minimal but has nice detailing that makes it stand out. It's something I can see pairing with so many different items from my wardrobe!
Clothing I think the release really covers the original collection well in terms of the styles of clothes on offer and I think there should be something that works for everyone there. There are numerous dresses and skirts to choose in every style available in the store, first up the more minimal black-based pieces which will be easiest for most people to style, the Ravon Corset Dress is the most minimal of the selection, it's a maxi design with a split in one leg. It also has an interesting neckline design, which I think makes it stand out in a crowd! In a midi length is the Lilac Silk Dress, which is eye catching in the collection as it's quite different and much lighter in colour and material to the rest of the pieces. The material is soft and flowing, and I like the colour, it's very pretty. This dress also has a leg slit in the design, and I like the straps at the top of it. And getting shorter, an A-line mini dress with the Marked Shoulder LBD, which comes with a gold-detail belt attached and some golden embellishments in the design along the hem. This dress has a really nice shape and a great fit on the doll - it would also appeal to me if it didn't have the belt attached, or was just the skirt, I think that would make it a little more wearable. And the final dress is even shorter, if you can even call it a dress - the Versace Inspired Blazer Dress which I completely bought as a blazer and not a dress! It's minimal in black with just gold buttons, which makes it appeal to my style. I also like the very wide neckline. In the store it's paired with the Embellished Tube Top, but I think you could very well go without anything underneath as it's not cut too low on the chest. This blazer-dress style is a popular one right now so I can see this piece being a good choice from the store! The two skirts in the store are much more colourful and print-focussed than the dresses. There's the Layered Versace Inspired Skirt which is a maxi length piece with layering of detailed lace with a pleated skirting ontop covered in a black and gold baroque-style print - it's definitely quite something, it doesn't really fit with my style, but I'm sure it will with someone =D And the second skirt is the Silk Pleated Shell Skirt, which seems very summer-appropriate to me, but the shell print is very pretty and I love the light blue colouring. While we're on this print, there's a whole look you can buy with it, the Silk Shell Bustier which has super pretty lace detailing on the hem and on the straps, the Silk Shell Coat, and the Silk Shell Stockings.
There are two bodies in the store two, providing a minimal option with the Versace Inspired Black Body which is very much as the name says but it has a cute neckline like the Ravon Corset Dress, and then something more decorated with the Feather Printed Swimsuit which has a more classic shape but a beautiful printed design on it. There is then just one top left, the Versace Inspired Western Denim Shirt, a cropped rolled sleeved piece which has light stitching and gold detailing, both of which make it stand out really nicely. And lastly the bottomhalves, two pairs of trousers which both come with their own belts and added accessories. The Versace Inspired Denims match the Denim Shirt and are in a nice darker denim colouring, and I really like the slim fit they have on the legs. Then there are the Leather Pants With Cuts, which have a slashed cutout pattern down both of the legs, which for me is a little off-putting, I would have loved these without the cuts because the leather looks good, the have a nice general fit and the length of the legs is perfect.
Prices This release ranges in price from 16 to 38SD's. Nothing is limited to SS or Royalty only, so everyone has the chance to buy everything. The range fits well with the previous Tributes that we've had, so no complaints with this one.
Styled Outfits I didn't find myself splurging too much on this one and just bought a few pieces. First up the Versace Inspired Blazer Dress which I wore very much as a blazer, it really is very short so trousers, or at least maybe tights, are kinda necessary for my style - I chose these gold printed trousers to match with the gold buttons. I contemplated a polo under the Blazer Dress, however decided to leave it clear and add a faux fur ontop to give some texture. Secondly the Versace Embellished Over Knee Boots which are such a fun piece, that I added further fun to with this fluffy coat. With accessories for this one I think there are so many options based on the jewels on the boots, I've gone with red, but I think an emerald green or a pretty deep blue would also make good options^ And finally the Versace Inspired Western Denim Shirt and the Western Gold Buckle Belt paired together. I found it a little tricky to find a pair of jeans that I already owned to match this shirt, I think this pair works ok, but it's not the best - maybe I will have to buy the Versace Inspired Denims afterall ... Anyway, I think the denim works ok with this overcoat and I kept with the gold theme for my shoes and bag, which I think helps to highlight the detailing on the shirt =)
Features And now maybe for the best bit, the features! Firstly polinapolinka, wearing the Lilac Silk Dress in this cute and quite feminine way. I like it layered with this white blouse, it highlights the straps on the dress, and also fits well with the white mesh socks paired with the funky platform heels. I like the gold jewellery added which works with the studs on the straps. And I also like the splash of red of the bag with the light lilac of the dress =)
This look is from dm2udm2u and uses the Versace Embellished Over Knee Boots - wearing a mini-dress with the boots is great to really show their design off! The tights and sheer polo are great to make this look into a more winter one. And I love this teal bag paired with the boots, plus those earrings, they're fabulous paired with the boots^
This look is more minimal, from the_chuba wearing the Versace Inspired Two Tone Bag - it really stands out against these minimal clothing, the tan of the skirt works perfectly to highlight the embellishments on the bag. The black fluffy sweater and boots then bring out the black colouring on the bag. A perfect look for a detailed piece =)
All about the denim in this look from _miskis, who is styling the Versace Inspired Western Denim Shirt and Versace Inspired Denims which just highlights to me how much I should pair the Shirt with the Jeans^ I love this furry coat ontop of them, it really helps the look be not too denim, and the colouring works nicely with the denim tone. The black boots look amazing and I like the use of the brown beret and red lip!
 The final feature makes use of the Versace Inspired Blazer Dress and is from beringelalara =) This is going down the 'dress' route for this piece, and it does work out for this doll where I don't think it would work for my styling. I love it with these slouched shiny boots, and the Gucci bag is a good fit for the overall look, as is the choker necklace and the beret. Love the smokey red eye look and the use of the tied scarf as a bracelet =)

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