Tuesday, 26 December 2017

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This year we got a regular Holiday Calendar, rather than a Hotbuys one, for the month of December - it's finally finished so I thought I'd give my overview of the offerings in the calendar and show the stylings of the pieces I bought from it!
We got 25 items, a mix of clothing, beauty and decor pieces in a range of prices in both SC's and SD's - the SD prices did get a little high, and I don't think that really was necessary from Stardoll, so that was a disappointment which I think other members felt as well. Other than that, I think we did get some good pieces in this calendar that have been popular over the month and I'm sure will continue to do well in stylings, like the 17th Ganni Inspired Pretty Knit, which is a little of a replica of the Runway red Ganni Inspired Loose Knit but in white, which is definitely an easy to wear colour! I've seen so many people wear this already, and here's just a couple of examples, beyzaasde going for a cool brighter styling pairing it with this mustard mini and some chic black accessories like these boots, the bag and the beret^ And then palagirli66 going for a touch more casual, pairing with faded jeans and sneakers but with some trendy additions in the huge hoop earrings and white beret - also can't miss that sparkle in the eye makeup, it's beautiful and eye catching =D
You can also see the 17th Ganni Inspired Pretty Knit in this next look from millaxx, but it was the 3rd Faux Fur Vest that really jumped out to me in this look =) The vest is a stunning piece, but definitely confused me at first as I had no idea how to wear it, this outfit works so well for it! Love the casual vibe with the jeans and sweater, but it's smartened up with all of the accessories, these boots, the bag and the earrings, they're fabulous!
So I've bought the majority of the clothing pieces that the Calendar offered us this month, and I'm pretty happy with what I've bought for my doll. In the first styling I've worn both the 22nd Off Shoulder Corset and the 9th Ombre Sequin Pants, which work nicely together to create a party look that suits my doll really well. This shirt is a great one, with a great price too, the design is current and flattering on the doll. I haven't seen anyone else wear these trousers, which I am a little surprised about because look how thin and elongated my dolls legs look! They're clearly made for the party, and I think they fulfil that very well, I find these two pieces work out well together and I added just some minimal silver themed accessories to finish the look =) In the second look I'm wearing the 17th Ganni Inspired Pretty Knit and the 12th Oh Kelly Bag which is a very glamorous and elegant piece. The bag is pretty work-wear in my mind so I did style directed towards a smarter style with pleated trousers and a blazer. The colour of the bag is very pretty, the raspberry is an easy colour to work with and I find I have a lot of items which work well with it. I paired the white sweater with the white boots and I like that overall effect on for the outfit. And the final look makes use of the 24th Elie Saab Velvet Dream Gown, which is such a beautiful piece but I definitely found it a little challenging to style in a way where it wasn't the only piece in the outfit. The deep emerald colour in velvet material is great and I love it for this season, but again, the colour is a tricky one. I went with a faux fur jacket and polo to make more use of the skirting of the dress. There's a lot of sheer going on, so I wore tights with boots and I think it works ok, but I definitely need to find more ways to wear it - I'm looking for you guys for some inspiration!

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