Friday, 8 December 2017

V E L V E T O R C H I D | Styled Outfits

Getting close to catching up with these new releases now^ This next one is Velvet Orchid, not my favourite store in the Plaza for fitting with my style, but every so often I find something that works for me. For me this release doesn't need a review as most of it doesn't work out for my style, but I did pick up a couple of pieces that I really quite like and I think are great for the current season!
So first up are the Liquid Metallic Trousers, priced at 280SC's which is great - I liked the wide leg fit of these with the high waist and tight fit on the thigh. Most of you know I like silver, so these are a good addition to my wardrobe and I was very quickly lured into styling them with a whole lot more silver! I don't think it's overwhelming at all, and the black patent jacket and the bag definitely break it up a little. The second piece from the release that I really liked were the Textured Glitter Booties priced at 14SD's. It's winter, so naturally I love a good pair of boots and while being the classic black these have the cool unique fluffy texture that makes them stand out in a crowd - so far I haven't seen anyone else where them which is a little surprising as I found them so easy to work with =) I kinda stuck to silver again, choosing these silver jeans and a big overcoat - the look isn't showy or anything, which I like about these boots, they don't make you feel like you have to go a big fancy look just because the boots are pretty snazzy!

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