Sunday, 31 December 2017

2 0 1 7 S T Y L E R O U N D U P

I cannot believe we're here at the end of 2017! I feel like it was just January a few weeks ago and now we are 12 months later at the next January in just a few hours =) I've styled an un-countable number of looks this year between new releases and good ol' styling posts and the We Style It segment, I have so many looks to wear! One thing I have found it easy to do is sum up my year of styles in just a couple of words:

'S K I R T S' | 'S H O E S' | 'P O P  O F C O L O U R'

For me these styles have become so prominent in my stylings and in the way I've styled looks over the year and I think my style has developed so much over the year of 2017 and I'm so happy with the way that it has gone. I've gotten so much more into skirts and dresses this year, which makes me happy as I'm finally getting good wear out of some older pieces in my wardrobe. I've focused a lot on shoes this year, wearing different styles and colours and following shoe trends, boots have been so big this year and I've fully embraced it. And finally those pops of colour, it's mostly pink, but actually, looking at my 'favourite sets of the year' below, red and orange tones, along with a bit of blue also seem to have been big hits!
But I couldn't just have a couple of favourites to sum up a whole year of styling! Below are a small selection of 13 looks that I've picked out from my stylings posted here on The Stardoll Lookbook in 2017, and actually after picking them I found they fell into these two categories very nicely and I'm somewhat relieved and also pleased to see that I have worn a good range of pieces over the year. Maybe a little goal for 2018 will be to branch out with hairstyles next, I clearly have a couple of favourites judging from these looks^

How do you think you guys have done style-wise in 2017? Are you pleased with developments you've made or do you have great ideas in mind for where to take your style in 2018?
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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