Friday, 15 December 2017

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | December 2015

Taking a step back 2 years in this post, revisiting the December 2015 Hotbuys! This one is a litttle different as that year Stardoll combined the Hotbuys and the Holiday Calendar and made the 'Hot Hot Buys Calendar' - we got 31 Hotbuys over each day of the month! A great idea, but also one that adds up in cost, however we got some great items that year =D As a whole I think it was successful and actually there are a couple of pieces that came out of it that I wear a lot, like the Hot Hot Buys Cream Coat which I really do wear a lot! And there's also the Hot Hot Buys Chunky Florals Bag which I wore for the Bag It Up Challenge this year too^ So as there were so many pieces in these Hotbuys I decided to style up 3 of the pieces that I still have from that year, and also a beauty look with one of the jewellery pieces. First up wearing the Hot Hot Buys Lattice Dress and the Hot Hot Buys Tailored Pants (sadly not previously styled at all!):
I absolutely love both of these stylings, I styled them seasonally, going for a more party-type look and I think I successfully achieved that goal! With the dress, I love the blue sparkles to it, and having a base of white makes me view it as an easy one to style. These boots are fantastic and I don't think a look has ever failed when they're involved, they're the perfect height for the dress length too^ And the second look, something more formal-party with all the black, but these trousers are formal and have the perfect fit for it. I love adding to them with texture like these shoes, the fur coat and the metallic top - silver and black are such a classic combination! Plus you'll see I made use of two of the bags from my December Plaza Picks post with these stylings =D
And then secondly wearing the Hot Hot Buys Bandeau Top and then the Hot Hot Buys Black Gem Earrings:
I will be the first to say I'm not really much of a bandeau top person, they're an item I find tricky to style and work into the trends and pieces that I like, but I think I've done a not-bad job with this piece! It goes really nicely with this skirt in terms of style and colour and with some minimal black accessories I think it makes a pretty and almost feminine dressed up look! I really like the colours on this top, and think I should definitely try it out again =D And then my beauty look with these earrings! I loved working on this makeup, the reds are so fun to play with and they're perfect tones for these earrings with the ruby gems. The black liner works well with the black gemstones of the earrings - and overall I think these are an easy piece to work with! 

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