Monday, 4 December 2017

I T G I R L S | Release Review

Picking up the pace - now with the recent(ish) It Girls release! I'm always a fan of It Girls, so I have no hesitations going into new releases. The homepage advert is typical It Girls, the model looks great and I like the clothes and the overall tone of the advert =)
Highlights So this release was small and not a whole new floor for the store. I don't mind this much - so long as the pieces still have the same quality, and from first looks I'd say it's pretty decent and I forget about the fewer pieces that have been added.
Accessories For the size, there are a reasonable number of accessories in this release. There are two pairs of shoes and I really like both of these, the Howdy Booties which are a pretty typically designed chelsea boot, and the Socks And Shoe Booties which is a cool combination  of rolled sequin pink socks with a slingback kitten heel and they are pretty spot on! Totally not my typical style, but I've loved them from first sight and I think they are gonna look awesome! There is one bag, another awesome piece, the Lunch Box Bow Bag, which correct me if I am wrong, looks a little like a Loewe style? Anyhow, it doesn't matter if it's designer inspired, I love the design of it and the colour, it looks great and it stands out in the store so I can't wait to wear it. The last two pieces aren't my favourite, I don't like the Fuzzy News Boy Cap for my doll at all, but I'm a little undecided about the Go 4 It Girl Scarf - I like the colour, and I think I like the style, but the main question is would I wear it? I'm just not so sure!
Clothing Next the clothing, of which there are only 10 pieces but a pretty good mix of things. Dresses take up most of the release with 3 pieces; the smart Blazer Dress and Double Breasted Playsuit, then the casual Ribbed Chunky Dress. Of the 3, I like the first and last best, but it has taken me several days to think about and I think I do like them - the Blazer Dress is pearl embellished and a long sleeved fitted piece that I do think could work fine as a blazer than just a dress, and the Ribbed Chunky Dress has a warm winter feel and a delicate lacing along the hem. Outerwear in the store just comprises the Rhinestones Baby! Denim Jacket, which seems quite similar to others we've had, but fits well with the theme of the store, but I suppose the Teddy Tied Around Hoodie should also be classed as outerwear, and while I like the idea, I'm not so much fussed about this piece for my doll. I'm not a fan of any of the bottomhalves included in this release, they're just not for me, but I think the tophalves are pretty good. There are two, the Mesh Knitted Neck Top, which is a sheer black polo and a great seasonal basic to include in your wardrobe, and then the casual Fuzzy It Girls Tshirt where the logo is fuzzy with pearls on it, pretty fancy^ I can see myself wearing both pieces and I'm pretty pleased with them and the release as a whole!
Prices This release ranges 10 to 25SD's, with most pieces less than the 20SD mark. There's one piece available in SC's, and there are a couple of pieces which are SS/Royalty only, but I don't see them as main components of the collection, so I don't think non-SS members are missing out there.
Styled Outfits Now for my looks - which I loved putting together, so despite the small collection I'm very pleased with it for my doll! The first look uses both the Howdy Booties and Lunch Box Bow Bag and it's a bit of a winter-classic for me, a black overcoat, which totally lets the red bag pop, and white jeans, the boots are a nice addition with a little detail to them, but really you could be wearing any boots. I kept it simple with a polo sweater and a red belt adding to the colour. These accessory pieces really don't take much to make them look good on the doll! In the second styling I've worn the Mesh Knitted Neck Top and paired with tights to make a good base for this spangly gold dress - which really needs pieces like these to make it winter suitable and I think this works out really nicely and could work for many more dresses^ And for the final look I used both the Fuzzy It Girls Tshirt and the Socks And Shoe Booties, and I really love both of these pieces! I knew I wanted a cropped trouser or culotte with the shoes to let the socks get the spotlight, and for me more pink was also the answer^ I really like this styling, it's like a winter-casual mix that's quite unlike me, but it works out and I don't wanna take it off!
Features I really think this set of features from this release is impressive, I like them as a group, I think each individual has done such an amazing job with the collection. First up Mia1435 wearing the Teddy Tied Around Hoodie, and while I know it's not a piece for me, I think it looks great in this styling! The colours of the clothing are all muted and fit together quite nicely, I especially like that red tartan shirt in the combination. The accessories stand out being that little bit shinier, and I think it works well as a whole =)
Next up we have ajenkam wearing the Ribbed Chunky Dress and also the Lunch Box Bow Bag in this cute office-wear-chic red accentuated styling^ I love the layering done with the dress, the white shirt sleeves look great and suit the slight roll of the sleeve of the dress, and I also love the trousers underneath, the pinstripes stand out nicely and I think the navy was an amazing choice. The red stands out so well, love the boots, bag and lip colour. Plus that hairstyle, it's beautiful!
And all about the pink in this styling from lacky_girl.. wearing the Fuzzy News Boy Cap, another piece that doesn't work for me, but it's spot on in this styling =) It pairs well with a lot of other pink pieces and it's a great fit with this sweater for winter stylings. I also love it with these red glasses, I think they definitely help accentuate it in the look!
And finally a look from Lanature wearing the Socks And Shoe Booties which I think look so cool! I love them with the shorts, it highlights them well, as does the draping from the pink in the cardigan, it works really nicely and could be used in so many ways. The black base for the outfit is good and definitely makes the 'shoe' part of the shoes stand out =)

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